Is it just a coincidence that Priyanka’s house number adds up to 8, like in her earlier house?


New Delhi: Does Priyanka Gandhi Vadra believe in numerology? This question arose after she left her 35, Lodhi Estate bungalow and moved into 80, Sujan Singh Park residence. What is remarkable is that the numbers of both the houses (35, 3+5 and 80, 8+0) add up to the digit 8.

Priyanka had been living in 35, Lodi Estate bungalow ever since she got married in 1997. This house proved to be auspicious for her as well. Her children were born when she was the resident there. She got active in politics and Congress came to power in 2004. Priyanka’s political stature rose while she was living in this Lodi Estate house. It suggests that the number ‘8’ was lucky for her.

However, Priyanka or the Gandhi family does not believe much in rituals and customs associated with Hindu religion. Rahul Gandhi does not believe in auspicious or inauspicious time. The new Congress team was announced during “pitra paksha”, a period when no new work is done according to Hindu belief.

The party used to keep in mind “muhurat” when Sonia Gandhi was the full time Congress president. In fact, Janardan Dwivedi was with her then and used to take care of the nitty-gritty of Hindu customs.

Indira Gandhi used to believe in Hindu customs and rituals. She used to perform puja. Indira was a regular visitor to temples and used to wear a necklace made of rudraksh. But after her death, nobody from the Gandhi family could show their faith in Hindu religion.

However, Indira’s younger son Sanjay Gandhi and his family followed Hindu rituals. After Sanjay’s death, his wife Maneka Gandhi continued with this tradition. She inculcated Hindu tradition and customs in her son Varun Gandhi who continues to follow them properly. He performs puja during Navratri. He is a believer in astrology. Varun chose BJP, a right-wing party whose policy reflects Hindu nationalist positions, for his political career.

Congress tried to change its strategy due to electoral compulsions. The party resorted to soft Hindutva politics, with Rahul Gandhi visiting temples to woo Hindus just before elections. But it did not have any impact. In fact, Priyanka too started visiting Hindu temples.

Astrologers say that Saturn, which is god of justice, is the commanding planet of number 8. The person whom the Saturn suits sees massive growth. Now the question is whether Priyanka moved into a new house with number 80 (8 moolank) due to her faith in numerology. If Priyanka is able to revive Congress in UP then it may be attributed to the numerological value of number 8.

Numerology has become commonplace now, with people seeking specific numbers for vehicles, houses, etc.

BJP MP Jyotiraditya Scindia is also a fan of number 8. That’s why the number of all his vehicles is 8888. Former MP Chief Minister Digvijaya Singh also believes in the numerological value associated with number 1. Therefore, the number of all his vehicles is 9100.