If AAP comes to power, party will work on all its 10 guarantees, says AAP MCD in-charge Pathak.


NEW DELHI: The Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) and Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) are engaged in a tough battle ahead of the MCD elections. In an interview with The Sunday Guardian, the AAP MCD in-charge Durgesh Pathak said that the party would follow the SOPs and implement them accordingly. Excerpts:

Q: If the party wins, how will the AAP deal with the three landfills? What is the plan?A: If the resources are utilised completely, then problems can be resolved. For instance, the garbage needs to be segregated properly, and the proper SOPs need to be followed strictly. Look at Bhopal which was once filled with garbage, but now the city has changed and turned beautiful. This is because of mass participation. There is no rocket science or no new technology used there. Proper utilisation of resources is required and SOPs need to be followed strictly.
Q: The problem of pollution in Delhi is significant. To what extent has the party successfully implemented the Delhi model when it comes to fighting pollution?
A: We have successfully reduced 30% to 35% of pollution; however, Delhi is not the only city fighting pollution problems. Moreover, the central government must intervene and help the state governments to solve the pollution problems.
Q: What will be your first step for Delhi, if the party wins the election?
A: Complete utilisation of resources is required. There are some basic things like when Rs 1,200 crore was spent by the MCD, we can see that out of 40 machines, only 19 machines work, so resources are not utilised fully. If we come to power, we will work on all 10 guarantees promised by the AAP.
Q: The people of the Rajinder Nagar Assembly have several problems like water scarcity and electricity problems. On what grounds do you think that people will vote for AAP?
A: Currently, the situation has improved and people are not facing much shortage of water and electricity problems have also been resolved to a greater extent.
Q: How is the AAP planning to defeat the BJP in the MCD?
A: I don’t think the BJP has put a lot of effort into the reduction or bringing out an effective solution to the garbage issue in Delhi. You can see that not a single BJP leader is speaking about it (garbage issue). They (BJP leaders) are busy slamming CM Arvind Kejriwal, but not speaking a word on how to solve the problems in the MCD.
Q: We have seen that dengue cases have been rising in Delhi. How is the AAP planning to contain it? Similarly, how is the party planning to contain malaria and chikungunya?
A: We will spray medicines (like larvicide), follow proper Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) depending on the situation and implement vector-control programs as per the need.