The grand old party’s Delhi dream will remain unfulfilled without winning states.


NEW DELHI: While the Congress making headlines for all the wrong reasons for quite some time now, the 135-year-old grand old party is still reluctant to learn its lessons. Surprisingly, the party is not seemingly ready to mend its ways despite a series of electoral defeats and political setbacks over the last several years.
Instead of helping the party to be back on right track, leaders keep on embarrassing it time and again. Latest in the list of such leaders is former MP CM and Congress veteran Digvijaya Singh, who is considered a politically mature politician. Replying to a media query, Digvijaya likened Rahul Gandhi to Mahatma Gandhi. He said, “Rahul Gandhi is doing what Mahatma Gandhi had done, as the latter was fighting without any post.” Whatever Digvijaya sought to suggest is known only to him. But Rahul Gandhi can never be like Mahatma Gandhi who had sacrificed everything while fighting for freedom of the country. The purpose of Rahul’s “fight” is, however beyond everyone’s comprehension. The Congress says that Rahul Gandhi is conducting Bharat Jodo Yatra to unite the country which has been “divided” by the Modi government. However, what is needed today is the massive efforts for the integration and unity of the Congress. Rahul Gandhi seems to be indifferent to these organisational problems. Perhaps, the former Congress boss sees getting into power as the only solution to all the problems. The “power” may be the driving force behind his organising the yatra.
Undoubtedly, the political “yatras” have been organised in the past to gain power. Rahul Gandhi’s aim is also the same. But the question is why the Gandhi scion is running away from responsibility if he is aiming to get power. Why did he not conduct this yatra after taking over presidential responsibility in the party? His grandma Indira Gandhi and father Rajiv Gandhi also carried out such yatras but they took over the party’s responsibility as well. But the politics of Rahul Gandhi and his advisors is hardly understandable. Rahul Gandhi is on yatra while the party elections are underway.
At the same time, Rahul Gandhi seems to be oblivious to upcoming elections of Himachal Pradesh and Gujarat. Rahul Gandhi will take all decisions without being on the responsible post. Does Rahul Gandhi not realise the importance of the party president election? With the party already on the verge of split in various states, Rahul Gandhi’s indifference adds to worries of the organisation. The political opponents are mocking at the party in view of the embarrassing situation during the organisational polls.
Meanwhile, the Udaipur declarations cannot also be implemented as there are only a few leaders left in the Congress now. The “One person, one post” principle may sound good, but the Gandhi family never followed it. The Gandhis always held more than one post whenever the party was in power. Anyway, the Gandhi family is free to do what it wants in the party. But what Gandhis should understand is that a strong opposition must be in existence for strengthening the democracy. A weak Congress means a weak opposition. Rahul Gandhi and his advisors need to understand that party president poll and state elections are quite important in terms of political future of the party. Why should there be a non-Gandhi president if all the decisions have to be taken by the Gandhis only?
The BJP has always alleged that Sonia Gandhi used to command the then PM Manmohan Singh during the UPA rule. This perception played a key role in debacle of the UPA in 2014. Rahul Gandhi had torn off an ordinance publicly which cost the Congress dearly. The public does not like such action. Every single Congress worker knows that Rahul is the real boss. The leaders accompanying him in yatra are also well aware that everything will be fine if Rahul is happy. So, a non-Gandhi president of the Congress will hardly be able to do anything unique and special. The youth, who play decisive role in shaping the political future of the country, cannot be misled. Rahul Gandhi does not have any personal achievement which could help build bridge between him and the common people. The situation in the party would have been better if Rahul Gandhi had taken on the Congress mantle and established direct connection with the grassroots.
Also, Rahul Gandhi’s Bharat Jodo Yatra would be questioned if Congress loses Himachal and Gujarat polls. Leaders from these states are already disappointed not to find any office-bearer in Delhi for mandatory strategic meetings as they are all in yatra. After losing more than dozens of states, Rahul Gandhi and Congress’ ambition to stage a comeback at the central level is hardly achievable. Several states will go to polls before the Lok Sabha elections of 2024. Congress is divided in these states. So, the next year poll results will be the real evidence about the success of the Bharat Jodo Yatra of Rahul Gandhi.