New Delhi: Now the RSS, the ideological parent of the BJP, has also turned its focus on the media. The Sangh will now work on a strategy to bring about the changes required to pave the way for its increased influence in the media. This may result in attempts to make students of journalism and public relations in different Indian institutes to better understand the Sangh.
According to sources, as part of this strategy, RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat held deliberations separately with some media experts and teachers for around three days. Around 40 to 50 media experts from different states were called for the meeting. Sources say that the Sangh head tried to understand the nitty-gritty of the media functioning during the meeting. In fact, the way the media has been functioning over the last few years has also affected the Sangh. Social media, radio, TV and the print media have created a deep impact on society. There were instances of the media peddling fake news as well. Even the Left parties had some influence on the media some years ago.
However, the role of Left-leaning journalists has been curtailed after the formation of the Modi government. The Sangh knows well how the media adjusts itself according to the change of power. Therefore, with some changes, the Sangh is trying to ensure that its ideology is understood by the media. With this in view, the RSS may take some significant steps for making itself more visible in the realm of media. The Sangh may also prepare an expert panel for media, which could strongly put up its views on political, economic and diplomatic issues. There are indications that a think tank of the Sangh may train some youth who could counter their ideological rivals in the media.
Sources say that Sangh is going to form a special wing for making viral posts related to RSS’ ideology on social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. This wing will also be countering opponents from the official handle. The youth team will share information about Sangh’s programme and inspire the cadres and the youth. Keeping this in view, the Sangh may urge the government for making some alterations in the media curriculum, which may include properly incorporating RSS’ vision and social services as well as its ideological background.
What has alerted the Sangh to this is the Opposition having an upper hand in media publicity during the farmers’ agitation and the Covid pandemic. State governments had to shut down the internet during the farmers’ movement, as the Opposition was quite aggressive at that time on social media. In fact, the BJP has its own strong network, but the Sangh may make its presence felt through the media in a big way.