Under the 10-day programme, the interns get a chance to work with major corporate houses.


In an initiative that would boost the morale of students and give new light to the school education system, Shiv Nadar School, a part of Shiv Nadar foundation, came up with a programme to provide internships to schools students.

The internship programme was started through a Career Guidance Centre inside the school premises. The centre has professionals who provide students with training and counselling.

The internship was a ten-day programme where students got a chance to work with companies such as HCL, Ernst & Young, Pratham, etc. The programme was started in 2017.

Speaking to The Sunday Guardian, programme leader Nitina Dua said, “The whole idea of what we do here is to bridge the gap between schools and colleges. There is a huge gap of what the students are learning and what the college expects of these students, and internship is somewhere bridging that gap.”

“Internship is a practical experience and it is important for our students to have it at this stage,” she said.

“We were working under a mentor and attended a few meetings. We were also asked to make a few PowerPoint presentations. It is a really great opportunity because, I think, Indian students have this misconception about desk jobs, and this was a really good platform to clear our doubts,” said Class 11 student Viom.

But it’s not just schools, even a Bangalore based online magazine, Parent Edge has started providing internship to school students.

An official from Parent Edge told The Sunday Guardian, “We provide internships to school going students. What’s interesting is that a lot of parents take a keen interest in sending their kids for internships.”

Meanwhile, Dua said that the internship is a good way for a student to analyse the real world, so that when they finish their schools, they are aware about their future.

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