New Delhi: The BJP high command has now become more serious about the by-elections in 27 seats of Madhya Pradesh. The Central leadership of the party has started closely monitoring every single seat.

BJP national general secretary B.L. Santosh’s visit to Madhya Pradesh is being seen as the high command’s keen interest in the bypolls of MP. During his visit to the state, Santosh has given instructions to the leaders regarding the poll preparedness and putting up a united fight in elections. He has submitted a report to the high command detailing all that he came across during his visit.

It is believed that the BJP high command’s keen interest in the MP bypolls will give Jyotiraditya Scindia more power, and will boost his morale. The BJP leadership’s backing has come at a time when the Congress is trying to convert these elections as a fight between Kamal Nath and Scindia so that a wave of sympathy could be created in favour of the former. Scindia had left Congress and joined the BJP a few months back. An impression was sought to be created by the Congress that Scindia has been isolated in the BJP. But B.L. Santosh’s visit to MP marked by campaign and electoral announcements has changed the atmosphere in the state.

The BJP is trying to win most of the 27 seats. If all the BJP leaders remain united, the party can give Congress a tough time, say sources. It is believed that these by-elections are the matter of prestige for Scindia and Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan. Naturally, the results will decide the political stature of both the leaders.

Scindia and several MLAs loyal to him had resigned from Congress to join BJP in March after which the Kamal Nath government had fallen. BJP had formed the government with the help of Scindia’s loyalist MLAs. Now, the BJP has the challenge of winning at least 20 seats to keep the government stable. If Scindia and Chouhan succeed in ensuring BJP’s victory in 20 seats, then the BJP government will complete a full term in the MP without any problem. Scindia would not want a change of guard in MP. Scindia’s stature will grow if he manages to ensure victory for his supporters in by-elections. Prime Minister Narendra Modi is expected to induct Scindia in his Cabinet at the time of expansion in future. Scindia’s strategy to lead his loyalists to victory has been effective so far. Scindia’s direct dialogue with the high command, and his meeting with RSS chief, are some of the efforts that helped him unite the different factions of the BJP. Scindia had won the trust of Chouhan and Narendra Singh Tomar right in the beginning when he had joined BJP. Scindia is explaining before the public how effectively PM Modi and the Shivraj Chouhan government have worked for the common man.

At the same time, Kamal Nath seems to be isolated in the Congress. Though former chief minister Digvijaya Singh is with him, it will be difficult to say how beneficial he will be for Nath. Rahul Gandhi has included Digvijaya in the CWC. All the leaders from Arun Yadav to Ajay Singh in MP have been sidelined by the Congress high command. Congress is confined to Kamal Nath and Digvijaya Singh in MP. It is common knowledge now that Scindia had left the Congress due to his difference with these two leaders. Hence, Scindia will try to settle the scores with both of them by ensuring the win of his candidates in the by-polls.