New Delhi: Ever since the Citizenship Amendment Bill (CAB) has been passed by Parliament, a significant number of Bangladeshi illegal immigrants living in different parts of India are rushing back to their country fearing persecution in India.

According to sources in the Border Security Force (BSF), since the last few days, some 15-20 Bangladeshis living illegally in India have been crossing over to Bangladesh on a daily basis.

A highly placed source in the BSF told The Sunday Guardian, “The reverse migration of illegal Bangladeshis has increased in the last few days. We have information that every day, people are crossing over to Bangladesh and they are using the porous border in North 24 Parganas area of Basirhat and Bongaon, and the border in Nadia district to cross over. Some reports are also coming in from Malda in West Bengal.”

A source in the BSF also said that the people who were fleeing to Bangladesh were mostly those who had been living illegally in Hyderabad, Bengaluru, Delhi and Assam.

“These people who are from the minority community are fleeing to their home country in Bangladesh as they fear that once the NRC (National Register of Citizens) is implemented, they will be detected as illegals and put in detention camps,” the BSF source said.

News reports from Bangladesh also confirm that in the last few days, there has been an increase in the number of illegal migration into Bangladesh from India.

According to a news report from Bangladesh, more than 203 illegal immigrants belonging to the minority community were caught by the Border Guards Bangladesh (the border guarding force of Bangladesh) from various areas along the border.

The report stated that hundreds of men, women and children are entering Bangladesh from India. It also said that these people were entering Bangladesh illegally from the Jinahidaho Maheshpur India-Bangladesh border.

They have been entering Bangladesh from the Jululi, Khoshalpur, Bhaghadanga and Palyanpur Indo-Bangladesh border and from the Jinahidaho Maheshpur Indo-Bangladesh border.

A police officer from Bangladesh said that these Bangladeshis had migrated to India illegally and were staying in different parts of India. They are now returning to Bangladesh because the Indian government had brought in the Citizenship Amendment Act and they feared that once the Act and the NRC were implemented, they would be put in detention camps.

Replies to “Several illegal Bangladeshis returning home”

  1. The cleansing has started. Better late than never. If CAA can have this effect imagine when NRC is implemented. The disease will be cured forever.

  2. Illegal Bangkadeshis should be returned to thier country. India is not the place for them to create criminal atmosphere and voilence

    1. This could be done intelligently with friendly Bangladesh. Nrc and caa is also vote bank politics. One wrong will not b addresed by a bigger one.

  3. Such prople not only worked in india but also voted in indian elections..result is that we have atleast two well etablished bangladeshi muslim parties in india .Late PM Vajpayeeji and adwani ji wanted to implement the working visa scheme for such illlegal BD muslims ..but it could not succeed because those parties and leaders who depend on these people’s votes refused to accept it as it would havr prevented these persons numbering about 1 cr from voting in indian elections.

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