New Delhi: Senior Congress leader and noted jurist Dr Abhishek Manu Singhvi recently launched his book “From the Trenches: India’s Top Lawyer on His Most Important Cases”. At the launch, people from political, judicial and media circles gathered to congratulate Singhvi. While interacting with Shweta Bansal IFS, Singhvi said: “This book will also be enjoyed by non-lawyers. I have written this book equally for a law guy and a layman. It explains the basic technicalities of the law.”
In the book, Singhvi has discussed his 10 best cases. He said: “It was hard for me to choose my 10 best cases, it was like choosing between my children.” In this book, Dr Singhvi has discussed various high-profile cases like Tata vs MTNL, D.K. Basu vs the state of Bengal, the Sabarimala case, and Cyrus Mistry vs Tata sons and the Jallikattu case.
Singhvi further discussed how the D.K. Basu case became a watershed moment and how this case became responsible for filling posts in the state human rights commission. “Real reform in policing is to educate and sensitize forces about human rights,” Dr Singhvi said.
One thing which I have learned from the Sabarimala case is that “you don’t choose and judge your clients,” Dr Singhvi added. Currently, Dr Singhvi is a member of the Upper House of Parliament, representing West Bengal in Rajya Sabha. He is also a spokesperson for the Indian National Congress. He is one of the senior advocates in the Supreme Court.