Thunberg’s gaffe reveals real agenda of protesters


New Delhi: A “gaffe” by activist Greta Thunberg has confirmed the assessment of the intelligence agencies that the pro-protesters’ traffic on multiple social media platforms, especially Twitter, and the action that took on the ground in Delhi on 26 January which culminated with the hoisting of a religious flag at the Red Fort in Delhi, were all a part of well-devised plan.

According to Intelligence agencies sources, while the protest against the three farm laws was the visible agenda, the hidden agenda, as has been confirmed from the documents that were accidentally made public by Thunberg, was to propagate Khalistani sentiments, something that was devised by anti-India establishments. On 3 February, Thunberg and other celebrities tweeted against the Indian government on the way it was handling the two months of protests happening in Delhi against the three farm laws.

However, she, in what is being called an accidental gaffe, also shared a set of documents titled “Global Farmers Strike-First Wave” which had an entire time table on how to create a Twitter “storm” against the Indian government. The said document was later deleted by the team that handles Thunberg ’s Twitter account.

The documents that were shared by Thunberg, according to Intelligence agency sources, is a work of professionals, who clearly were given a task to “devise” a plan to create a massive anti-India sentiment on Twitter by using the protests against the farm laws.

The set of documents shared by Thunberg, that came on the backdrop of identical tweets shared by singer Rihanna and actress Mia Khalifa, makes it clear the that people behind the protests had taken minute details into consideration while planning this Twitter storm so that it would have looked “organic” rather than “sponsored” or “motivated”.

As per the documents, everything was finalized over six meetings that included deciding hashtags, content for tweets, where to protest on ground and whom to tag. All this was done under the guidance of a Vancouver, Canada-based NGO, Poetic Justice Foundation (PJF).

“PJF is the face. It is executing someone else’s orders. Whose and why is not so difficult to guess,” an official with a security apparatus told The Sunday Guardian.

According to Intelligence officials the brains behind the protesters have successfully been able to create a media narration in the UK and Canada that it was the “largest protests in human history,” with local media reports in these countries publishing a figure of 200-300 million people taking part in demonstrations in Delhi.

The document, which was meant for internal circulation, has stated that they (people who have been given the task to spread the propaganda) should avoid being identified as “overtly Khalistani” and one of the objectives behind this entire exercise was to “Disrupt yoga & chai image of India in general” and “Unified global disruption in the Diaspora on Jan 26th”.

“Why would a protest against farm laws intend to damage India’s yoga and chai image? Who would have such a line of thinking? Who would benefit by ‘damaging India’s image’ at an international level? We are not overly surprised by the content of the documents (accidentally shared by Thunberg),” an intelligence official said.

The document also had names of Indian individuals, Twitter users and “journalists” who were to be followed for updates indicating, according to Intelligence sources, that these individuals were “sympathetic” to the cause that Poetic Justice Foundation has been espousing under the garb of supporting the Indian protesters.

One of the pages of the documents had mentioned “Sample of evergreen messages” that were to be amplified to create the anti-India sentiments.

“Such exercise, if done by NGOs for genuine cause, will not attack business conglomerates unless and until the named business houses are directly responsible for the cause that the NGOs have taken up. In this case, two of the most prominent business houses, hurting whom will hurt the Indian economy at large, too have been targeted merely on hearsay. The larger picture is very much clear, to damage India economically,” a senior official with another intelligence agency said.

The documents, at multiple places, have mentioned that the brains behind this planning would use “sangat of regional organizers”, who organise cultural events, to use them as spreader of their propaganda.