The couple has been running around for six days to register an FIR, and alleged that cops are involved with the accused.


NEW DELHI: In an illustration of how unsafe Delhi roads have become, especially during the night hours, and the callous attitude of the Delhi Police, a young couple who has been a victim of a brutal road rage incident in the North East district of Delhi having been running around from pillar to post to get an FIR registered against the perpetrators of the crime for the last six days.
The Sunday Guardian has seen the copy of the complaint that was reported to the Jyoti Nagar police station in the North East district on 11 September by the victim Abhilasha Joshi and received by the police station on 12 September. In its response to queries from The Sunday Guardian, the SHO of the Jyoti Nagar Police station, where the victim Abhilasha Joshi reported about the incident, said that he had no idea about the incident. ACP Gokulpuri, under whose Jurisdiction the Jyoti Nagar police station falls, told this newspaper that he would have to seek details of the incident as he was not aware. DCP, North East, under whose jurisdiction this particular police station falls, also said that he is not aware of it and that he would look into the matter.
However, a senior police official from the district said that he was aware of the incident and that the couple was chased from Dilshad Garden area to Jyoti Nagar East and West and therefore it could be “jurisdictional issue”.
“I have heard about this incident and I think an FIR is not being registered in this case because the couple is not being able to give us clear information about where this incident has taken place. I have heard that she was chased from the Dilshad Garden area and she moved to Jyoti Nagar East and West and to Durgapuri Chowk and therefore it could be a jurisdictional issue which is why an FIR is being delayed,” the senior police official from the district told this correspondent.
This incident of road rage, according to the victim, took place earlier this week when this young couple—Abhilasha Joshi and her husband Priyanshu Pandey—was travelling from Ghaziabad to Pitampura where this couple lived, were chased by at least two men on motorcycle from the Dilshad Garden area in East Delhi. This happened at around 9:30 pm in the North East district of Delhi. The couple was travelling in a grey colour Maruti Ciaz which came under attack from at least two men who started following them from Dilshad Garden while hurling abuses and throwing bricks at their car, asking them to stop.
Abhilasha, while speaking to The Sunday Guardian, said that the two men randomly started following their car and were hurling abuses at them to stop the car and asking them to get out with the intention to rob them. “There were these two drunk men, who were chasing our car and were asking us to stop the car; when we did not stop the car they started to hurl abuses at us.
When our car stopped at the red light near Durgapuri Chowk one of the men from the rear seat of the motorcycle jumped on to our car’s bonnet and started to hit the car’s windshield with a brick. Our windshield broke and the glass pieces entered inside the car. They were also threatening to kill us with a blade in their hand. This was happening not in the wee hours of the night, but at 9:30 pm and the road was full with traffic, yet no one came to help us,” Abhilasha said.
Abhilasha further added that when they were unable to comprehend what was happening with them, her husband started to drive into the lanes of Jyoti Nagar East and West trying to find the nearby police station and started to fanatically dial the emergency number of the police.
“The PCR van came and then they escorted us to the police station and when we reached there we saw one of the men who was on that motorcycle was already in the police station. I informed the officer on duty that he was the one who was chasing us, the cops then caught him and put him inside the lockup. But then after a while, thing changed, and an SI named Sartaj who came and got our details said that we were also on fault as that a hit and run case would be filed against us. While this was happening, the man alleged put behind lock up ran away from the police station and the officers on duty had no clue about him,” Abhilasha said.
The couple alleged that the local police officials told them that these two men were notorious characters of the place and would chase cars to get money out of the victim.
The couple also alleged that the local police was also involved with them as they had let the accused disappear from the police station, without even noting down his details.