UP CM cites Mathura ‘mandir’ in a message to Hindu voters.


New Delhi: With less than two months left for the Uttar Pradesh assembly polls, the BJP has brought up “improvement in law and order” as a major electoral issue apart from Hindutva. The ruling party is reminding the voters of the UP police crackdown on the infamous stolen cars market in Sotiganj area of Meerut in what sends a strong message about the “improving law and order situation” in the state.
Prime Minister Narendra Modi even referred to ‘Sotiganj market action’ by the Yogi government to impress upon the people that the law and order situation is good in UP. PM Modi had praised the BJP government in the state for its crackdown on the illegal trade of auto parts, saying that it showed the Adityanath government’s successful drive towards improving the law and order in the state.
So, Sotiganj infamous market has become a big poll issue for the BJP to send out a message about law and order. Sotiganj Market was known to be the place where vehicles, including cars and bikes, stolen from western Uttar Pradesh and Delhi were brought to be dismantled.
There is no denying that Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath has rid the state of crime and criminals in the last five years. That’s why, law and order is also a big issue apart from Hindutva in the upcoming elections. It is a fact that all the opposition parties, particularly the Samajwadi Party, had nothing to claim on the law and order front whenever they were in the government in UP. As far as eastern UP is concerned, the BJP’s agenda includes Mandir and development. Undoubtedly, the saffron party with these issues has scored over SP in this region.
As regards western UP, the BJP is going ahead with the issues of Hindutva and law and order. When Yogi talked about Mathura, he hinted at the party’s programme to build a grand temple there in a message to Hindu voters. Moreover, it fueled speculation about Yogi planning to contest election from Mathura seat. Yogi is said to be prepared to fight from western UP. It may be either Saharanpur or Mathura. The BJP’s strategy is to strengthen its hold in western UP by fielding Yogi from the region. Post farmers’ stir, the BJP’s position in western region of UP was a bit weak. But now its strategy seems to be working, with the Mathura issue being used to polarize voters like Ayodhya.
Sotiganj market is also being seen as part of this strategy too. This infamous market was operated by a particular community. The members of this community used to control the area to the extent of encroaching upon government land. The traders used to have a sound connection with parties like SP and BSP due to which police never took action against them. These political parties gave them protection due to vote bank consideration. The Yogi government took a tough action and dismantled the market, and the criminals in the business were jailed. This was projected as a big achievement of the Yogi government on the front of law and order. PM Modi admired the BJP government for this action. Apart from showcasing its achievement on law and order, BJP is using Sotiganj action as an issue to polarize voters as the market was dominated by a particular community.