NEW DELHI: In wake of the crisis in oxygen, medicines and beds that the national capital witnessed in the last few weeks, a group of young civil servants and doctors, going beyond their call of duty, have joined hands here to set up a 25-bed Covid-19 care facility which is being managed by two doctors and 10 nurses.

This facility, being run under the aegis of an NGO SAHYOG, is being run at Hotel Krishna Plaza, Pahar Ganj, in Central Delhi, after taking due permission of the District Magistrate (Central Delhi) and providing medical facilities to any person with mild to moderate severity totally free-of-cost.

According to Neeraj Kumar, IRS, who is presently posted as Joint Commissioner, Income-tax, Mumbai, and one of the brains behind this initiative, the facility is providing basic medicines kit including paracetamol, vitamins, anti-virals, antibiotics, steroids etc and essential medical equipment for Covid-19 care, including, pulse oxymeters, BP machines, oxygen cylinders, oxy-flowmeters, Canula to those who are being admitted in the Covid-19 care facility.

The facility is also runs a 24×7 free tele-consultation for those who are do not want to or are not in a position to personally meet a doctor.

“Everyone saw how a shortage of beds and other medical equipment arose in Delhi due to the surge in Covid-19. It is then that we decided that we need to pool our resources and do whatever we can to help as many people as we can and we came up with this idea of setting up a Covid-19 care facility,” Kumar said.

For effective supervision of patients with moderate and severe cases and to monitor their biochemical markers like IL6, CRP, d-Dimer, Ferritin, the facility has also tied up with a diagnostic laboratory.

Since there is no ICU or ventilator facility in the establishment as of now, the facility is taking admission of patients with mild or moderate symptoms with SPO2 above 85-90.

The facility was started last week and has so far treated over 25 patients and with the Covid-19 wave decreasing in Delhi, the team members of SAHYOG are now going to make its facility mobile and move to the more affected tier II/ tier III cities and villages.

The young officers who are behind this facility include Neeraj Kumar, Navaneet Agrawal, IRS (Deputy Director, ED, Delhi), Rajesh Kumar Jain, IRS (Deputy Director, ED, Delhi), Sukesh Jain, IRS, Prashant Tripathi, IFS, Vipul Gupta, IRS and Dr Megha Bhargava, IRS.

Dr Ruma Bhargava, who founded SAMARPAN, a Mumbai-based NGO, is helping SAHYOG in Delhi.

The NGO is being assisted by a team of doctors, including Dr Vinod Kumar Singh, laparoscopic surgeon, Delhi, Dr Seema Shahi (neurologist, Medanta, Gurugram), Dr Prashant Singh (MCh Urology, AIIMS, Delhi),  Dr Nimesh Agrawal (MBBS), Dr Rahul Rohtaj (MS, Surgery, ESI Hospital, Delhi), Dr Priyanka Ahuja (MS, Gynaecology, Safdarjung Hospital, Delhi), Dr Manisha Dua (Consultant, Surgery, ESI Hospital, Delhi), Dr Poonam (MD, Dermatology), Dr Shubhanjali Sharma (MDS) and Dr Nitin Kumar Singh.