Guru Gobind Singh is sitting by a river when Har Gopal, a rich devotee, presents two gold bracelets. The Guru starts playing with them. One falls into the river, and the devotee jumps in to retrieve it. “If you can tell me where it fell, I may find it yet,” he said. And the Guru throws in the second one and says, “it fell here!”

As he is leaving, the Guru gifts him a steel bracelet. Har Gopal’s mind is full of a sense of loss – he gave two gold bracelets, and was gifted one made of steel. He does not wear it, but puts it in his pocket.

He visits his sister, and narrates the story to her. “The gold bracelets were worth six hundred rupees, and I have been gifted one that is not worth anything,” he lamented. She is wise, and knows the true value of the gift. 

Collecting all her jewelry, she sells it, and gives six hundred rupees to Har Gopal, in exchange for the steel bracelet.

Har Gopal returns to his business, but losses begin to mount. One day, he suddenly remembers the steel bracelet. He rushes to his sister, gives her six hundred rupees, and asks her to return the bracelet. “I knew you will remember it one day, and I kept it safe for you,” she said.

Har Gopal restarts his business, and the bracelet on his wrist reminds him every moment to remain honest to his business partners, and full of service for his customers, and he thrives once again.

He returns to Anandpur, and bows to the Guru. “I knew you will wear the bracelet one day,” the Guru smiled.

“And what expensive gift have you brought?” the Guru asked. “I only bring my self, because all belongs to you anyway,” said Har Gopal. The Guru hugged him and said, “You have given up your ego, and gained admittance to His presence.”

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