When three very interesting happenings linked up recently, was it a coincidence or was it meant to lead the way to an extraordinary paranormal experience?  The first was a chance discovery on eBay of a  Veer sadhana yantra. In case one didn’t know what it was, eBay had provided details. Here are excerpts. “Veer means very strong in Hindi. In the world of tantra however Veer has an entirely different meaning. It is one of the forms assumed by the divine beings called YakshasYakshas are none other than cursed Gods who are born in an inferior state. In the form of yakshas these Gods remain eager to help out sadhakas so that by this good deed they could be reborn as gods. …Veer is a being who is very powerful and if won over it could achieve even the most impossible tasks for the sadhak.

“King Vikramaditya had mastered Veer Sadhana. Lord Hanuman had also accomplished Veer Sadhana. Adi Shankaracharya too had accomplished Veer Sadhana… Guru Gorakhnath was an accomplished master of Veer Sadhana. Many people tried to kill him but Guru Gorakhnath faced them alone and emerged victorious and unscathed each time.

“Just as each wish of one’s life can be fulfilled through Bhoot Sadhana of a spirit, similarly through Veer Sadhana all impossible looking tasks can be accomplished. Veer is a being more powerful than a spirit. Veer is also very kind and helping being by nature and helps one out in each difficulty of life. He can accomplish even the most impossible tasks in a trice. This sadhana has long remained secret and well guarded because no guru wishes to reveal this sadhana. It is only in the last moments of his life that an accomplished guru would give this knowledge to the most devoted disciple and make him perfect in it… it is a very fast acting ritual and it gives rise to divine energy in one’s own form…”. What intrigued me more than this description of a Veer, which incidentally was a verbatim lift from elsewhere, was an eBay note that said “79% sold,” which meant that a lot of people were interested in controlling a Veer.

The second happening was a review of Ruskin Bond’s book Whispers in the Dark: A Book of Spooks . The reviewer wrote:  “…In one of the stories titled ‘Ghosts of a Peepul Tree’, he goes on to describe the different types of ghosts in India. ‘The villages of India have always harboured a large variety of ghosts, some of them good, some evil. There are the prets and bhoots, both the spirits of dead men, and the churels, ghosts of women who change their shape after death. Then there is the pisach, a sort of hobgoblin; and the munjia, a mischievous, and sometimes sinister, evil spirit,’ he says, adding one thing they have in common: nearly all of them choose to live in the peepul tree…” While Bond has written of ghosts in “some of them good, some evil” terms, it set me thinking of ghosts and other paranormal forms that can be both good and evil. Amongst these are Veers and Tulpas

Different origins are ascribed to the origin of a Veer in different parts of India and Nepal, and according to Wikipedia “There are 7800 types of Bhairam in Himalayan Tantra. Veer Bhairam is said to be the leader of all those Bhairam. Each of the 7800 Bhairam are different in appearance, have different weapons, different vāhana’s (vehicle) and they bless their devotees with seventy eight hundred types of siddhis. Continuous worship of Bhairam leads the worshipper to a true guru.  It is generally believed that worshiping Veer Bhairam gives prosperity, success and good progeny, prevents premature death and solution to debts and liabilities. …The Veer Bhairam mantra is very powerful and comes from guru Gorakhnath according to legends, and is initiated by gurus or sadhaks only…”

If some ghosts are good, some evil, as Bond wrote, it would perhaps have been easier to handle.  But when paranormal forms which are a combination of good and evil go out of control they extract a high price.      

However, there is unanimity that a Veer “is a type of ghost which is like a faithful servant for his master. When it is controlled by someone with the power of tantra mantra, it will do all household and field works with its magic. But if it is imbalanced, it will cause mental problems up to many generations of the master. It can walk upside down on the ceiling. It can also plough a bulk of land within a matter of a night.”

In the case of Hari Har Lal, widely consulted by an impressive list of well known personalities, the invisible Veer in his service played multiple roles and was responsible for bringing name, fame and wealth to his master for more than two decades. But now, something had gone wrong, a mutual friend informed me and this was the third and culminating happening. Could I go over immediately and see Hari Har ? I did, and was shocked. Instead of the sharp, quick witted immaculately dressed Hari Har that I knew I found a Hari Har dressed in crumpled clothes, unshaven, his long hair uncombed. Worse, he seemed to have lost his worldly senses and was in conversation with several invisible entities at the same time, arguing with one, laughing and joking with another, pleading with yet another.

What had brought about this saddening transformation? Clearly, his Veer was out of control, just like an errant Tulpa. But what had turned such a loyal Veer into such a destructive enemy? Hari Har’s Veer was seething with anger and even though I and others tried for several weeks we couldn’t get through to the Veer. The roles were now reversed. The Veer was the master and Hari Har the servant. Unless we knew the cause there was very little we could do and neither Hari Har nor the Veer were in an approachable condition. Desperate, because Hari Har’s life was at stake, we tried banishing the Veer to the other world even if temporarily. We succeeded but at a cost that will always haunt us: the Veer left earth’s environs, but he took Hari Har along. If some ghosts are good, some evil, as Bond wrote, it would perhaps have been easier to handle.  But when paranormal forms which are a combination of good and evil go out of control they extract a high price.       

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