Devotees burdened with worldly woes would come to Sri Ramakrishna and seek his advice. They would say that they are being overwhelmed by Samsara or worldly existence and are unable to find a way out or stay calm. Sri Ramakrishna would advise them that one can live peacefully in this world only if one evolves at least to some extent in spiritual life. He would give them a beautiful example. 

While mining gold from the earth, one has to put in a lot of effort. Tons and tons of earth have to be dug out before a small quantity of gold is found. As long as the gold lies buried deep in the earth, it is virtually inaccessible and is of no use. 

But, if after tremendous effort it is dug out and cleaned, then it can be kept anywhere, in a box or in water or even kept buried at a place known to the owner. It can be accessed very easily any time. Further, the gold is not affected by the way in which it is stored. Similarly, if we live in the world without any spiritual realization, we would get completely buried under the weight of Samsara. 

The mind would not be calm or peaceful because in that condition our true spiritual nature is not capable of being accessed. But, through intense spiritual struggle or Sadhana, if one progresses in spiritual life and gets even a glimpse of the spiritual reality, living in the world would no longer be a problem. Such a person would be ever alert, ever calm and ever peaceful and would not be disturbed by the happenings of the world. 

The main reason for such a transformation is the unmistakable understanding of the unreality of the world. Hence, there is no shortcut to attain peace and tranquility. 

One has to struggle hard through spiritual striving and realize the Ultimate Truth after which living in the world is a child’s play.

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