For Crying Out Loud

Has the Congress leadership finally made up its mind between Jyotiraditya Scindia vs Kamal Nath for Madhya Pradesh? Judging by Nath’s conciliatory statements recently, where he’s been telling the media that he was not averse to working under Scindia’s leadership, it would seem that way. For, Nath is not known for throwing in the towel unless he knows that the fight is truly out of his hands. According to Congress sources, the decision as to who gets to be the Pradesh Congress Committee chief (and more or less the CM face) will be decided soon after Rahul Gandhi’s elevation as the Congress president takes place. And that, we are told, will happen sooner rather than later. But then again, this is a story that we’ve been told so many times now that it has the stale stink of Cry Wolf attached to it.


Swamy vs Sinha

Recently, both Subramanian Swamy and Yashwant Sinha have attacked the economic slowdown. But it is interesting to note that the two are not working in tandem. If anything, the two have a rivalry that dates back to the Chandrasekhar government. In fact, in her recent book, Evolving with Subramanian Swamy: A Roller Coaster Ride, Roxna has been very critical of Sinha’s handling of the Ministry of Finance during the Chandresekhar government. As they say, wheels within wheels!

The Last Word

The last word on dynastic politics came via a well-timed tweet by Omar Abdullah. In the midst of the Jayant Sinha vs Yashwant Sinha exchange on the economy (via newspaper columns), he recalled Venkaiah Naidu’s barb against Rahul Gandhi. If you recollect, the Vice President had commented that “Dynasty is nasty” in response to Rahul’s defence of dynasty in India. And so, last week, Abdullah had a dig at the BJP when he tweeted: “Dynasty is nasty. But what the hell, let’s roll out the son to counter the article written by the father.” Touche!

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