Special Treatment?

Why did the Election Commission not announce the Gujarat elections on the same day as it did the Himachal Pradesh one? It’s clear that the dates have been finalised—sometime between 10 to 15 December, say sources, pointing to the fact that the results will be out on 18 December.  According to the EC, the delay in announcing the results is to avoid a long period where the model code of conduct would be in place. But that was not the case last year when elections to Goa and Punjab took place over a month before the UP polls were concluded, but the dates were all announced  on the same day. Why then is Gujarat being singled out for special treatment? The Congress has an answer. According to Randeep Surjewala, the delay is keeping in mind the PM’s impending visit to Gujarat on Monday, 16 October, where, says Surjewala, the PM will announce some “sops like a false Santa Claus”. But it is to be noted that the PM is going there for a party function and not a government event. Watch this space.

Decoding the Message

The Gujarat BJP is wondering why Anandiben, a Narendra Modi confidante, suddenly dashed off a letter to Amit Shah stating that in place of her, new faces should be given a chance? Was this to give the party leadership a convenient precedent to axe other inconvenient faces? One wonders. The current Chief Minister Vijay Rupani is little more than a cipher for the Shah-Modi combine to run the state and it’s an arrangement that seems to be working for them. Or not?

Democracy, the Congress Way

Sonia Gandhi has finally confirmed that Rahul Gandhi’s elevation as party president will happen soon after Diwali. This is something key players of Team Rahul have also been maintaining. Sachin Pilot was the first and after him Milind Deora, too, told NewsX a few days ago that Rahul’s elevation as party president is “imminent”. In fact, Deora said that there will be an election to the post of party president (in keeping with Rahul’s professed preference for “internal democracy”). But he also added that he was sure that Rahul would be the “clear frontrunner”. Well, that’s democracy, the Congress way.

Dazzle with the Last Detail

Dr Bibek Debroy is known for his love of dogs. Among the many books he has written, there is one dedicated to dogs. In Sarama and Her Children, Dr Debroy traced the evolution of the Indian attitude towards dogs through the Vedas, epics, puranas, dharmashastras and niti shastras. He has two dogs at home too. His fondness was evident on another occasion recently when he was launching Kranti Nation: India and the Fourth Industrial Revolution by Pranjal Sharma at a CII summit in the presence of IT Minister K.J. Alphons. 

“The book will dazzle you with its optimism,” he said at the release event, addressing over 200 corporate and technology leaders. “I am taking a dig at Pranjal by saying this. For those of you who don’t know, Dazzle is the name of his pet dog.”

Caught by surprise, the hall erupted with laughter. Trust Debroy to do his homework down to the last detail.

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