The liberal media never want to discuss real issues impacting real Americans. Why hide how Hollywood moguls and politicians regularly sexually abuse women with impunity? Does it have anything to do with cash and buying influence in our political pay-to-play culture? 

Look at predators such as Harvey Weinstein. It’s been a rough ride for embattled Weinstein over the past few days. Two members of his legal dream team have resigned. One of America’s most prominent women’s rights advocates, Lisa Bloom—who remarked how she was hired to assist Harvey in using this “painful learning experience to grow into a better man” and promised to “continue to work with him personally for as long as it takes”—lasted only 48 hours before resigning on Twitter. “As long as it takes” doesn’t seem to be long at all.

The entertainment world’s silence regarding the Weinstein case is deafening. Lorne Michaels, whose Saturday Night Live has been exposed for its political advocacy and indoctrination, has remained completely silent about the issue. Lorne Michaels, why are you protecting Weinstein? Why no mention whatsoever? Why hasn’t there been any outcry from the liberal left? Where are the liberal politicians condemning Weinstein? 

The answer can be found in the connections between Hollywood and Washington. Michaels, like Weinstein, contributed substantial sums to Democratic candidates, such as Barack Obama, Joe Biden, John Kerry, Chuck Schumer, Chris Dodd, John Lewis and Al Franken, among others. Harvey Weinstein even bundled for the Clintons and the Obamas, convincing his friends and associates to donate money to their campaigns.

Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton, Michelle Obama and Barack Obama, how much cash is enough to buy your silence regarding sexual predators such as Harvey Weinstein? What is your actual dollar limit? Your hypocrisy is shocking. Your silence is even more shocking.

Americans need to realise the massive amounts of cash Hollywood is pumping into the Washington swamp. These Hollywood propagandists peddle politically scripted agendas in return for the power and influence they purchase. This ensures an excellent return on investment, sometimes in the billions of dollars. Nothing can help a movie or television studio more than heavy government support for its projects. And our politicians are more concerned with selling out every-day Americans to the same Hollywood moguls than protecting their constituents—you remember, the silly people who voted for you. 

The Democratic National Committee, the Clinton Foundation, Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton, Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, Al Franken, Elizabeth Warren, and Kirsten Gillibrand are just a few who have received massive amounts of cash from Harvey Weinstein. The Democratic National Committee and politicians who “claimed” they would return some cash are, of course, only willing to return a fraction of what they were given.

The Clinton Foundation is completely silent about returning even one dime. Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton received millions of dollars from Weinstein, Weinstein’s companies, and bundling efforts. In fact, Hillary on her What Happened book tour in London has refused any comment on Weinstein’s predicament, let alone volunteered to give back the millions Weinstein gave to her, to her husband, and to the Clinton Foundation. Weinstein was a regular guest of Barack Obama. In fact, he visited the Obama White House more than 13 times during Obama’s tenure. Weinstein even hired Obama’s daughter as an intern, but that’s not all—Hollywood mogul Barry Diller paid Hillary Clinton’s daughter, Chelsea Clinton, a student with zero experience. This illustrates the pay-to-play culture and systemic rot generated by the propagandists running Hollywood and trying to manipulate our political system.

How dangerous does it become when entertainment figures can buy power and influence in our political system? Does anyone honestly believe that the same Hollywood moguls’ contributions to Washington DC do not impact public policy? Does anyone believe that these same moguls who control Hollywood do not exercise extreme censorship against any viewpoints that don’t conform with their liberal ideologies? 

Entertainment has become political advocacy bordering on extreme propaganda. Hollywood is an agenda-driven political-discourse machine designed to indoctrinate America’s masses into accepting to the liberal viewpoint. In addition, if you’re not from the liberal side of the fence, you won’t get a job in Hollywood. Without the correct ideology, you will always remain an outsider looking in.

Americans need to think about the billions of dollars they are paying to fund Hollywood motion pictures, TV shows, and cable networks. Hollywood’s profits are used to influence the political process, indoctrinate our young, fill the Washington DC swamp, and purchase political favours. It’s time for America to wake up—because we need real news, real entertainment, and real political change.

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