The congregation asks of Guru Gobind Singh, “O Teacher, when you are pleased with the devotee, what do you bestow upon them?”

The Guru asks the congregation to tell him what they think is the answer. One by one, many devotees stand up and speak what they think are the blessings that are bestowed. Some say that the poor gain great wealth, others feel that all illness is healed and there is a long life, lived with a healthy body. Yet

some say that the fortunate devotee gains stature in society, and are honoured and respected in society. They ask Guru Gobind Singh to enlighten them, now that they have spoken their mind.

The Guru says that all the fortunes of health, wealth, and honour, mentioned by the congregation, are the natural result of the devotee’s own pure thoughts and actions, and do not need any special blessing. When a person self corrects and gives up jealousy, anger, envy, pride and ego, he will care for others. If he is runs a business, he will believe in welfare of his staff and customers. He will be a better friend, a loving husband, and a caring father, and a concerned child. Health, wealth and respect will be a natural corollary.

However, the largest ship can be sunk by a small leak. Sans anger and pride, the devotee is a strong ship to sail through life. But long periods of good fortune sometimes bring arrogance and ego, and when these holes start to leak, that is the time that the Guru sends his real blessings.

The Guru said that at times an adversity, that reminds the devotee of the true path, is my real blessing. Soon, the devotee gets to work to plug these leaks, and become whole again.

Guru Granth Sahib says: Suffering is the medicine, and pleasure the disease;// Because where there is pleasure, the path may be forgotten.


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