The historical proof of this story is not well established, but my Teacher would say there is much to learn from it, and therefore it is worth sharing.

Ibrahim Adam was the king of Balkh and Bukhara. One day, when he returns to his bedroom, he finds an unknown woman already sleeping on it. The guards are summoned, and the king wants to know how and why an unknown person could reach his chamber and sleep on his bed. The police start beating her, but she starts to laugh.

“I slept on this bed for only five minutes, and I am being beaten,” she said. “O king, you have done many sins to remain king, and you have slept on this bed all your life. I was wondering how much you will be beaten!”

This event changed Ibrahim Adam, who went away to Kashi, and he is said to have become Kabir’s disciple, with whom he had been in contact earlier too. He took up as a helper in Kabir’s house. Six years pass, and Kabir has said little to him.

Mata Loi, the Saint’s wife, requests him to bless Ibrahim with grace, and grant him the ultimate blessing – whisper His name in Ibrahim’s ear, to start him on way to be one with the One God. Ibrahim is taking a bath, and just as he steps out, Kabir asks Loi to throw some dust on him. “Who has done this? If I was in Balkh, I would teach you a lesson,” Ibrahim reacts. Loi understands – Ibrahim’s ego is still strong, with little place for Him.

Six years pass again, and Mata Loi again throws dirt on Ibrahim. This time he falls at her feet. “You have blessed your servant with color, mother,” he says. At that very moment, Saint Kabir hugged him, and whispered His name to Ibrahim.

Guru Gobind Singh says:

When this body is filled with patience and selflessness –// The lamp of wisdom is finally lit up.


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