Advances in technology have brought about revolutionary transformations in all aspects of commerce. Marketing too, being integral part of businesses, is witnessing radical changes with its amalgamation with technology, so much so that the latter has become vital to the very effectiveness of marketing efforts.In the year 1995, less than 1% of world’s population had internet connection and today, more than 3.7 Billion people are connected to the virtual world of social media. More than 40% of the total populace is connected to one or the other of the most popular social media platforms. Just this connected populace, by itself, is a huge target market for brands which marketers can easily reach through targeted content marketing using the right technological tools.

Let’s see how technology scores in aiding companies to increase their market cap and make an impact on the potential customers.

Increased reach:

Conventional Marketing media like outdoor advertising or door-to-door prospect reach are limited in their effectiveness because of geographical constraints. Technology turned out to be a game-changer as marketers don’t have to reach out to customers individually or wait for prospects to visit the location of the billboard. Technology brings customized billboards to the hands of the prospects via their smartphone.

Content marketing works every micro second a user spends on the Internet. Just how a search on a Google bar is independent of the user’s physical location, so is the reach of content marketing.  Marketers can constantly reach out to their target audience as long as they are online.

Content diversity:

Content marketing is becoming more exciting over time because newer forms of content are evolving. Netizensare continuously being exposed to the written word, texts, images and videos; and yet they demand more of the same.

Technology alone has enabled various formats of interesting and engaging content—whether it is an Instagram post or a 5-seconder video or a Facebook post you scroll through or a YouTube video which convinces you to follow a particular channel or even the latest funny meme or gif. Brands can reach out to different types of customers through different technical formats which ever may suit best.

Technology is a great enabler in content marketing. It tracks, targets and acquires only relevant audience for the content marketers.
Social Media Channels:

Again, brands may be promoting content in different forms (blog, posters, vlogetc) yet one may argue that not all the people in the world are on Instagram, Facebook etc. Yet, I reiterate that technology is ingrained so deeply in our lives; sometimes so inconspicuously, that each one of us, having a smartphone, has at least one account on some or the other social media handle. This not only helps the user to be updated in her/his social circle but also throws an opportunity to the content marketer. Content marketers can therefore, prepare the same content in different forms and formats and float them across all possible social media platforms. This type of format utilization possibility is available only online. Scope of sharing same content in variable formats is severely limited in traditional styles of marketing.

As a hypothetical example – if an article has been published in a newspaper A then the readers who read only newspaper B will not have access to it. But limitation has vanished when technology integrated with content marketing. Floating a particular content in different formats across various social media platforms is easily done. Therefore, the chances of a brand reaching all itspotential customer is very high.

Target Audience Acquisition:

Technology is a great enabler in content marketing. It tracks, targets and acquires only relevant audience for the content marketers.

Social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter uses certain algorithms and Artificial Intelligence engines to track users’ interests, likes, tags, page visits. It can be asserted that they know more about ones’ interests than the person’s friends too. Technology, therefore, helps companies in identifying people who have interest in their products and enables brands to reach out to specific groups instead of wasting resources in reaching out to a platform’s entire user base.

Thisincreases the chances of pitching to the right customer and higher conversion instead of persuading every Netizen.A post created with target audience in mind has a better conversion rate than a general post.

The author is Co-Founder and CTO, WittyFeed


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