After the great battle of Mahabharat ended,
Shri Krishna asks the Pandavas to hold a great -charitable feast, the Ashwamedh Yagya. Everybody must -participate – this was one of the main conditions for the yagya to be declared complete. Shri Krishna said that the success of the yagya would be signified when the conch shells and bells sound on their own.

The yagya went on for many days, and all ceremonies were completed as scheduled. But to the disappointment of all – the conchs and the bells remained silent.

The Pandavas sought guidance from Shri Krishna, who said that there is one who the people deride, but is the perfect saint of this time. His name was Supach, and unfortunately, no invite had reached him. The Pandavas hurry to Supach, and while seeking forgiveness for not inviting him, request him to grace the Yagya.

Supach agrees, but has a simple condition. As an honorarium, he wants a gift of good deeds, which equals those earned by performing one hundred and one Ashwamedha Yagya. The Pandavas are surprised—they cannot complete even one yagya, and Supach wants one hundred and one as a gift!

Draupadi steps forward,“Shri Krishna has said that every step walked towards His apostles is like completing one Ashwamedh Yagya. O great Supach, one hundred and one of the steps walked towards you, these I offer as a gift.” Supach attended the yagya, and the conchs and bells rang to complete the event.

My teacher said that all your possessions, your body, and the very breath that keeps it alive – all are gifts from Him. Share your good fortune, but as a duty, not with an attitude of “giving”, for how can you “give” that which does not belong to you?

Guru Granth Sahib says: 

The only goodness that you can earn is by walking His path,

The fruit of millions of yagyas shall be yours.

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