Understandably, DJT (Donald J. Trump)/POTUS evokes intrigue in India. The internet has a lot of accurate versions of President Trump’s family history, business history and lists of his achievements and so on. But the key points to note are:

* He has a functional family. All his family members love each other. All his ex-wives have cordial relations, barring few humanistic characteristics.

* His children love him.

* He has been extremely loyal to his people, staff, dependents.

* He has a successful thriving business (despite what the propaganda against him may make you to believe).

* He has a history of delivering on most promises and contracts.

* His campaign of Make America Great Again (#MAGA) has brought pride and confidence back into American manufacturers and innovators.

* For the first time, POTUS has called out the News Peddlers of America (#FakeNews specialists).

* POTUS has a soft corner for Indians and India. He recognises the contribution of Indians to American economy more than any other American President ever.

* DJT spent the least money on his 2016 Election campaign as compared to Barack Obama and even Hillary Clinton.

* DJT is a people’s President. He is approachable and understands international communities, owing to his rich international business experience.

* His children have taken up responsible positions in his administration. 

Ever since 45th POTUS (President of the United States) has taken office, he has had an amazing list of achievements for the United States. Some of it has been summarised here: http://www.magapill.com/

WHY WAS HE ELECTED? Often times when I visit India and travel across the length and breadth, I hear a lot of leftist/Democratic propaganda against POTUS. Most Indians read American Democratic propaganda through naïve Indian media channels. I have still to come across an Indian media channel which does an objective research on American news. Most Indian channels spew American Democratic propaganda. This is mostly due to a lack of understanding of the background of this 2016 momentous election of DJT. The 2016 election was the rejection of the political correctness of the Democrats and Republicans alike. The majority of Americans wanted to be heard. DJT gave voice to them. Americans wanted to name the source, the community of terror. DJT provided that voice. Americans wanted to make America the #1 economy and compete effectively with the world, DJT provided that option. Americans were tired of political correctness, DJT provided that voice. Contrary to popular propaganda, DJT also won on popular vote when you remove the discrepancies in vote count in some states. 

MEDIA VIEWS: Most American media such as Wall Street Journal, Huffington Post, CNN, CNBC, NBC and some others like them are not really friendly to mainstream India. They are as much against mainstream India as they are against mainstream America. They regularly report with an agenda for creating an event. They are often times sponsored by international political systems to influence and manipulate public opinion. American media is tragically unaware of India as much as Indian media is tragically unaware of America. American mainstream media today is more of a propagandist tool, which has been sponsored by vested interests. Social media has effectively countered MSM (mainstream media) to a large extent. Social media was responsible for DJT’s effective campaign. Young Americans, young Indians and other like-minded American minorities campaigned for DJT on social media to ensure his victory. They know that if America wins, they win. The Indian community also played a prominent role in the victory of DJT.

RELEVANCE FOR INDIA: To understand the American political system, you need to understand American lifestyle and also their local priorities. American national political system is deeply tied to local level American politics. It’s one of the best models of democracy where the voice of the local bodies reaches the top. When the message gets blurred, lobbyists make up for the gap. Many times it can become extremely difficult for Indians who are not connected to the local political system to understand American national level politics. I have been living here for long and have been a keen follower of American politics because of my business of building election software for American local election bodies. This analysis of mine may help Indian policymakers to understand America and its political system so that India works more closely aligned with the US. Indians must know that DJT is an elected American President and has every right to protect American interests. Just like Indian political leaders have every right to protect Indian interests. Indians must learn to negotiate mutually beneficial interests. (Perhaps Dr Subramanian Swamy can guide US-India relations.)

BREAKING MYTH: For India, the Republicans have always been good for creating a long term relationship. If you want to compare—the Democrats are like India’s Congress party, while the Republicans are like the Bharatiya Janata Party. BJP is the voice of the majority of Indians—more centrist—in a way similar to the Republicans. India’s Congress + Communists + leftists represent more Islamic, Communist, anti-India views—more like the Democrats. Even the leftists and right wings are reversed in case of India. American left (Democrats) can be compared to Indian Communists, India’s Congress and secular forces, while American Republicans can be compared to mainstream India like BJP (and other allied political parties). 

HOW TO WORK WITH US: Amongst Indian politicians, Dr Subramanian Swamy has the best knowledge and is perhaps the only Indian Member of Parliament who knows American culture, media and political system. Dr Swamy has a wealth of knowledge, experience and soft-assertiveness needed to properly negotiate with the US. Indian politicians must create deals for US and negotiate in a friendly, assertive way to create a win-win for both India and US. The US under the 45th POTUS is the best option that India has got today, to make it an Indian century in Asia.

In conclusion, collaboration between India, US and Israel will be the only defining relationship for lasting world peace if nurtured properly. 

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