We all need help in our lives, it can be in any form. Help is not always given to only an individual, it is also extended to institutions, organisations or to society in general. The kind of help that is always noticed is maybe financial, medical, a recommendation for a job or an admission in school /college. Some need it when they are sad, unhappy or when things in life get difficult to cope up with. Just a little chat or even a talk with someone can be helpful as it could be a stress or tension buster. Sometimes a small prayer said for a person, if they are made aware that you said it, can help a person feel good.

It is human nature to instinctively help people who are our own. They could be your family, friends, colleagues or somebody who is known to you. We go out of our way, against all odds to help people we love and care for. Even if we do not have the capacity or the capability, we still try our best to help them.

When you help someone your own, it is your duty or compulsion to do so because you are bound by a relationship, so you either do it naturally as an instinct or you do so because you have to do it to fulfill your role in their life.

Help given to people who are not our own is known or recognised only if the ones who do so, allow their identity to be known. But there are many individuals who do not want to disclose their identity or there are some who just arrive in your life at your moment of need and then go away without leaving a trace of who they are. They do this because they are selfless and do not want anything in return. These are the people I call “Silent Saviours”.

There are many silent saviours who are around us. Some you notice and remember but there are some who are not noticed by us. These saviours arrive into our lives when we need them the most and they help us traverse through that moment in time when we need help, it is as if God or destiny has sent them to be with us in our hour of need.

There are many individuals who help us in many ways without letting us know who they are, therefore we too on our part should do the same for others in their hour of need.

I can think of a few instances that prove that these people exist in our surroundings. Many a time you see accidents on the roads, especially highways where for miles there is no habitation and if an accident happens, people passing by stop and help. If the accident is not fatal, people help those affected to get their bearings together and then leave without letting anyone know who they are or where they come from. Sometimes, if the accident is fatal, they help the injured reach a hospital and that proves crucial because being helped on time is probably the difference between life and death. Sometimes you do not know who the helper is because they did their good deed and left.

Many of us have done what you are about to read. We go to small hotels or maybe an Irani café, where you come across someone who is there to have a meal and has eaten a little more than what is affordable . You find the waiter getting into an argument for the payment of the bill. There is no way this person can make that payment, the waiter cannot be blamed for demanding the money because he has to do his job. At that time you discreetly call the waiter and tell him to let the person go because you are willing to foot the bill. The waiter lets that customer go without him realising that he was helped in his time of need. These are a few examples of many such experiences that we come across in our lives.

There are many individuals who help us in many ways without letting us know who they are, therefore we too on our part should do the same for others in their hour of need. Help someone without expecting anything in return. Do good deeds selflessly which will help us live in a world where each one helps the other when needed the most, maybe when we do so, we too can be a part of an unknown, uncategorised noble group called “Silent Saviours”.

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