Judy knows that her dependency on God is beneficial. It positions her spiritually to search out, often painful, insights and realisations. Once areas of her life which need concentration are identified, she begins ironing them out through the spiritual growth process.

Her priority is to lay a firm foundation of a loving and worshipful relationship with God. This is vital, as Jesus taught, we must “worship God in spirit and truth” (John 4:24). While worshipping the living and true God, we express our love for God and experience God’s love for us; this energises our life with the joy of the Lord. Judy also admits it is not easy for her to maintain deep, vulnerable relationships with others. Therefore, she consistently asks God for courage and wisdom to be open about her vulnerabilities.

In the area of decision making, Judy is firmly and freely rooted in her God revealed values and does not allow fear or guilt to guide her choices. Her assurance in God is deep rooted. When she repented of her sins, she had the assurance that God forgave her past sins, guides her present, and that her future is secure because of the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead. Her hope is imperishable.

Judy is a willing worker and she goes all out to help people. However, she has learnt what she is responsible for and for what she is not responsible. We too have to take ownership of our life and our decisions based on values we hold dear; decisions which bring glory to God and serve common good.

Judy, with all humility, accepts the fact that she is not perfect, and there are areas in her life where she goes wrong. She is also aware of weaknesses of the people with whom she relates. This realisation empowers Judy not to be judgemental and harsh with others or herself. Let us consider in silence the areas in our life that require growth.

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