‘Life is fragile’, we hear this very often and it is true because life is full of uncertainties. Death is unpredictable most of the times. Our life begins with birth and culminates into death. The natural process is that one leaves this world after a certain age but not always. We can die anytime any place either due to illness, an accident or many other reasons that cause death.

In life we form many relationships and these relationships are of different kind with each person you meet. We have relationships that have various names, family, friends, colleagues and more. We form a bond with all the people we are close to. But one thing is for certain that you cannot predict that your last meeting or conversation with an individual you met was your last one in life with them because you never know if you or that person would be present in the world from then on. Therefore I feel that every time you meet someone and when the time comes to say bye, say it nicely and let there be a closure because Someday when… you are not there or they are not, let there not be a feeling that you or they did not do what should have been done and I mean it in a positive way.

Sometimes we take our relationships for granted, if someone cares for us and does everything for us, we tend to not appreciate or value their deeds. People who love us will be there for us no matter how we treat them. Children take their parents for granted but parents keep doing their bit for them even if the child is not good to them. But someday when the parents are not around the children realise their importance but by then it is too late. There is no point in repenting or realising your wrongdoings after the person is gone. Reciprocate when they are there in your life, give them the love, affection and care when they are there, so when someday when they are gone, when you miss them you will have the good memories to hold on to and be happy.

Sometimes we take our relationships for granted, if someone cares for us and does everything for us, we tend to not appreciate or value their deeds.

I would like to share a personal experience that bothers me every time I think about it. I go jogging on a regular basis, I jog on the streets of my neighborhood and while running I come across many people who I know and we always greet each other or if we are at a distance then we wave out. But I never stop running to talk or to greet people because I time my run and it is a part of my training.

On one such evening when I was jogging, I spotted someone I know who was at a distance from me and was standing on the other side of the road. I thought that as I get closer, I will wave out and greet the person. Just as I was getting closer, a bus came by and blocked my vision and I could not see that person. By the time the bus crossed, I had jogged much further and I could not turn back and greet. I kept jogging and went my way. A few days later a friend called and informed me that the same person, who I had missed greeting the other day, was no more, he suffered a heart attack and passed away. I did not know how to react. I kept thinking how I was about to greet him but could not. This made me think and realise that you can never tell when it could be the last time that you see or meet someone. I keep telling myself that I should have stopped that day but I had my reasons for not doing so.

Therefore I feel that we should always part with the people we meet in a nice and amicable way because life is unpredictable, one moment we are here in this world but in an instant we could be gone. We should live happily and cordially with each other because if someday the people we know are not there, we can still smile when we think of them and even if we are not there then the ones who are around should feel happy and smile every time they think of us. Be good to everyone because, Someday when…

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