Sri Ramakrishna would often discuss the idea of teaching others. He would say that one can teach others only if one has received commission or mandate from God. Such a preacher who teaches on the strength of the command from God is very powerful. It is like getting a ray of light from the goddess of learning. Even great scholars seem like ordinary mortals before such empowered preachers. He would say, what a man would accomplish by mere lectures without a commission from God. To illustrate this idea he used to narrate an incident from his boyhood. In the village of Kamarpukur, where he was born, there used to be a tank called Haldar Pukur. Villagers used to dirty the banks of the pond and those who come to take bath in the morning would shout and curse them every day. But they could not stop the

nuisance however much they tried. Finally, they lodged a complaint with the government. Soon a constable deputed by the government arrived there with a duly signed order, which stated that committing nuisance on the banks of the pond was prohibited and those violating this injunction would be severely punished. From the next day the nuisance stopped altogether.

Sri Ramakrishna would say that a worthless man may talk his head off preaching, and yet he will produce no effect. But people will listen to that person who is armed with a badge of authority from God. One cannot teach others without the commission from God. A teacher of men must have great power. Only then will people listen to him and he will be an instrument in guiding people to their ultimate destiny of life. But such a command or authority does not come easily. One has to perform intense

sadhana and call on God with tremendous earnestness.

As one progresses in spiritual life he is transformed from an ordinary mortal into a teacher of men.

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