Abu Huraira, a companion of the Prophet Muhammad, reported that the Prophet listed three saving graces for man, and three things which could destroy him. “The three saving graces,” the Prophet said, “are fear of God in public and in private; truthfulness, in times of both calm and anger; and moderation, whether one is poor or wealthy. And as for the things which bring about self-destruction, they are;  following one’s desires, being motivated by greed, and thinking a lot of oneself, the last being the worst of all.” (Baihaqi)
These six points are the gauge of true faith. When a person truly comes to know God, he always feels that God is watching over him. For him, there is no difference between being in public or being in private, for God is the predominant factor in his life, and God is always there.
What is most important to him is that he should follow God’s commandments. So, whether he is in a state of anger or calm, he strictly confines himself to the limits that God has defined.
There is no real difference for him between wealth and poverty, for his relationship with the Lord is basically the same in either case.
Such a person is always conscious of the fact that finally he will have to face God. This realization takes away any feeling of freedom that he may have cherished; it prevents him from running after everything he desires; it contains his greed.
To have delusions of grandeur is, to him, like an ant crawling in front of a mountain taking pride in its size.
To believe in God is to realize that it is God who is the greatest among all. One who has discovered this fact can never entertain thoughts of his own greatness.