Former Congress leader from Assam, Himanta Biswa Sarma, who joined the BJP last year, has some interesting anecdotes to relate about the Congress leadership, especially its vice president. In an exclusive to NewsX he recalls how when you are meeting Rahul Gandhi it’s important to get your message across in the first three minutes for he loses interest soon after. He also nurses a grouse against the Congress vice president’s pet dog for he claims that during official meetings the pet is allowed to roam freely and helps himself to biscuits off the table. Oh dear!


Union Minister for Power Piyush Goyal claims that at least in Delhi there will be no power cuts this summer. Goyal, who was one of the few who handled the BJP’s social media campaign for E 2014, also lamented how the media never reported good news but was always quick off the bat with the bad news. Well at least for Delhiites here is some good news.


Prashant Kishor is busy looking for a Congress Chief Minister face in Uttar Pradesh. According to sources he zeroed in on Sheila Dikshit, who had earlier been “imported” from UP to Delhi and ruled the capital for three successive terms with great finesse. However, when that project didn’t take off, a rumour was floated in Congress circles that the leadership was toying with Rahul Gandhi as the CM face. But sources close to the vice president categorically denied this, saying it made no sense to tie a national party leader to a state campaign, and questioned the motives behind this suggestion. Currently there is a witch-hunt in the party to see who was behind the Rahul-for-UP-CM drive.

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