Devotees suffering from worldly attachments and other problems would come to Sri Ramakrishna seeking solace and advice from him to overcome such problems and difficulties. Sri Ramakrishna would advise them using a beautiful analogy.

The grinding stone consists of two big and powerful stones which keep rotating constantly. It is used to break and crush grains. Most of the grains which are away from the central pole or timber and are at the fringes get crushed completely. In the same way, Sri Ramakrishna would say that embodied beings are like grains.

They are constantly allured by the powers of Maya and suffer endlessly in the world. They live a life of indulgence and enjoyment of sense pleasures and fall victim to the attractions of Maya. Most of them are crushed like the grains which lie at the periphery of the grinding stone. Just as the grains at the centre escape the mighty and powerful grinding stones, people who are devoted to God stay very close to Him escape the snares of Maya.

They practice spiritual disciplines in an intense manner and are ever so careful as to not to move away from the sole support of their life, namely God. They may suffer a little in this world since anyone taking a human birth is bound to be subject to sufferings to a certain extent.

But, because of their reliance on God, by holding on to Him they overcome the pains and bruises of such sufferings and progress steadily towards the ultimate goal of life.

But, if one is not careful and if one loses the contact with the central pole of human existence, namely God, one is likely to be crushed by the powers of Maya. Unwavering devotion to God and a life dedicated to intense Sadhana are the only means of escaping the power of Maya.


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