The life span of a human is more than a billion years but this life span is divided into 2 different periods. Approximately 100 years before death and the entire life after death. The first phase of life is spent in the present world and the next phase of life is spent in the world of ‘tomorrow’. Today’s world is like a jungle. We have flowers as well as thorns. In the world of ‘tomorrow’, the flowers and thorns will be separated from each other. After this a final eternal world will be made when part of it will be consisting of only thorns and another part of it will consist of only flowers. Everyone has the opportunity to make preparations for his eternal future in today’s world. He has to show from his life’s record either he has been qualified to dwell in the jungle of thorns or in the Gardens of Paradise. In today’s world, these two groups are being formed. Every person is showing from the record of his life as to which group he has qualified himself, in the group of thorns or in the group of flowers. The conditions of today’s world are actually a means of preparation of this personality. Every man and woman is undergoing this process. Some are creating thorny personalities within them and some are creating flowery personalities.
In the world of today, both these kinds of personalities do not appear to be separate but in the world of tomorrow, both kinds of personalities will be separated completely. The flowery personalities will be seen in the form of flower and the thorny personalities will be seen in the form of thorns. The two-sided action affecting the human personality can also be termed, in other words, the positive personality and the negative personality. Every man experiences negativity in today’s world. One who converts negative experiences into positive lessons will form a positive personality.