Man finds himself in a vast universe. As if, the Universe is a very big society, and man is only a small part of this society. Man has to adopt the same behaviour in his life as of the other components of the universe have practically adopted. In it lies the secret of his success.

If you observe the stars and planets in the Universe, you will discover that each star and planet moves in its own orbit precisely. None of these trespass another’s orbit. Due to this discipline, there is peace in the Universe. Man should also opt for this policy of non-interference. Every person should know that his freedom ends where the freedom of others begin.

Similarly, look at the world of plants. Plants have silently opted for supplying oxygen continuously to fulfill the necessities of animals, while they keep taking in the unwanted carbon dioxide exhaled by the animals. This is a selfless system of profitability. It is essential for man also to opt for this system in his life.

Likewise, we know that the waters of spring on the mountain flow from upwards to downwards. It repeatedly happens that stones come in their path, they appear to be obstacles in their journey.

But the spring does not attempt at removing the stone and then continue its journey. Instead, it carves its way ahead alongside of the stones. It gives us the message: Do not collide with the obstacles, instead continue your activities by keeping away from them.

Similarly, we see in the world of animals, that now and then they have some issue or dispute. It always happens that for a short time, they growl or gore. And very soon, they become normal as if nothing had happened. In the same manner, man has to live in his society. In social life many a times one meets with unpleasant experiences But he should always make this unpleasantness temporary. It should not be allowed to stay permanently.