In last few days the focus of the media, sportspersons and sports lovers have been politically diverted towards controversy rather than a podium finish. The participation of India contingent in the Rio Games has become a typical political situation wherein a larger controversy is created to sideline the main issues, the subplot is more important than the plot, the politicians and their selfies have become more important than the Sports and Sportspersons.

If we closely examine the photographs of our politicians and officials– their confident walk and excitement of being in Rio  shows no regret about the results in the games. It is shameful to see as none of them are probably getting them self pictured next to the medal tally which only has ‘0x3’ . I am yet to read any statement by any of the officials at Rio or back in India with any sort of remorse or regret for the most embarrassing performance till now.

We all know that the strength on which we were  expected to win medals to a large extend is almost over yet we do not see any tension or uneasiness in the “Camp India” of netas and babus. The contingents were sent with lots of pomp and show and unrealistic medal expectations, although in my last article based on some international studies I had warned this disastrous performance,but in a true ostrich like nature none of the concerned authorities accepted or showed any sign of concern. Festivity, celebration and event was organised for photo opportunity with misleading information.

There is more competition among the  officials than the sportspersons going to participate in the Games whereas the requirement is more of researches, ex sportspers.

The disastrous episode of our Sports Minister and his associates entering restricted areas proved to be the icing on the cake after the embarrassing incidents of mismanagement in the opening day march past right down to the BBC interview of the president of Indian Olympic Association to non mention of Country name on jersey of Boxer. Now a regional sports minister is going to RIO to encourage and support athlete of his state by reducing “Olympic games to a Mohalla games”. I believe that all this controversy would not have happened if we would have ran a selection trial for selecting officials to represent our Country at the Olympic Games.  

Olympics the ultimate mahakumb of sports is the barometer of any country’s sporting excellence.  but  for  our’Sports Babus and Politicians’  have reduced it is a place of attraction,  the venues of Olympics are treated as “Sports Tourism rather than a ground for medal achievement”

  Frankly speaking the venues of the Games are bigger culprits than our  politician and babus because as human being it becomes difficult to resist the charm to visit such wonderful tourist spot. There is more competition among the  officials than the sportspersons going to participate in the Games whereas the requirement is more of researches, ex sportspersons and Sports Management people to visit such games and find out the “Success Mantra” of medal winning countries.

If we closely watch the opening ceremony we were lead by a rickshaw which has actually put our medal tally as slow as rickshaw in a supersonic jet age. IT seems that the writing was on the wall and we are trying to pull the rickshaw towards the medal podium. 

Hemanshu Chaturvedi is a sports guru.

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