The Prime Minister and his team are fully aware that one of the drawbacks of implementing GST could be an initial increase in prices. During a meeting between the officials and the PM, an official spoke of the initial marginal increase in prices for the common man once GST was implemented. He was taken aback when the PM thundered that Garib ki thaali mein farak nahin padna chahiye (the poor should not feel the price hike).” Well, the PM has stated his policy, but the officials are wondering how to deliver on it.


Recently, the Supreme Court snubbed Tamil Nadu Chief Minister J. Jayalalithaa for filing defamation cases and not being able to take criticism on her workings and policy. It would be interesting to note that the CM has filed as many as 213 defamation cases in the last five years, of which 55 were against the media, 85 against her main political rival, the DMK, and 48 cases against DMDK leader Vijayakanth, who eventually moved court on this. What were the charges against the media? Well, it seems that the CM took offence to a national newspaper that opined her response to the Chennai flood was “slow”. Another publication was sued because it quoted Vijayakanth of alleging that the CM had retreated to her bungalow in Ooty to “take rest”, thereby hinting that she was unwell. Two news anchors have also been sued for reading out stories that went against the government. And then there is of course BJP leader Subramanian Swamy, her bête-noir, who has been sued for his tweets alleging that Jaya-confidante Sasikala had “personal interest” in ensuring boats seized bySri Lankan navy were not released.


A school in Surat has come up with a unique punishment for erring students. Instead of sit ups or harsher measures, the students are made to drink the juice of neem leaves. Although this has a bitter taste, it is also an extremely healthy for children. Needless to add, parents are delighted with this measure. The children can choose between a bitter glass of juice or finishing their homework on time.


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