Islam gives great importance to patience. It holds out the promise of immense reward for those who adhere to patience. Thus the Quran (39:10) says: “Truly, those who persevere patiently will be requited without measure.”

This is the reward for patience that people can earn in the Hereafter. But there is reward in this world too. Patience helps save you from despair. If you fall prey to the psyche of despair you will live in constant uncertainty. You cannot plan the course of your life confidently nor achieve anything great.

On the other hand, someone who cultivates and practices patience does not get obsessed about the trials and difficult times of the past. He lives with a strong sense of certainty. He is able to courageously plan the course of his life. And, because of this, he is able to achieve great successes.

Conviction is a positive attribute. With firm conviction you can achieve wonders. Patience helps you ignore factors that threaten to weaken your resolve and focus on things that can strengthen your conviction and steer you to action.

In this world, we are faced, at every moment, with experiences that can provoke and push us into uncertainty. In such situations, patience keeps us stay on course. It enables us to remain firmly rooted in our conviction.

God has created the world with problems, hardships and difficulties. This situation is not an evil. All unwanted situations in life are actually challenges. Facing challenges requires patience and endurance. Since in social life, we constantly have unpleasant and negative experiences from others, the only way we can continue to be positive is by being patient under all circumstances. Thus, keeping patience in this world is key to helping us deserve entry to Paradise in the Hereafter.