The travelogues of Guru Nanak mention a southward journey that takes him to modern day Sri Lanka. There are meetings at Rameshwar, and mention of the Guru reaching Trincomalee, and the island country is mentioned as Sangaldeep. An onward journey is recorded toward Matiakalam, and some scholars think this to be modern day Matale. There are travels to modern day Kandy, on the banks of the river Mahaweli Ganga.

At Matale, the Guru is said to have set up camp in a garden, where perhaps travelling religious congregations used to stay. The local king would test the visitors by sending in dancing girls, and the practice was followed this time too. As the song and dance commences, the Guru sings to the dancers:

O princess, my daughter, run away from this place!

Instead, sing His name, and embellish your days.

Serve the Beloved Lord, and seek His Love.

Through the Word, you will abandon your thirst for corruption and poison.

The dance is over before it really begins! The King and Queen soon visit the Guru and seek spiritual guidance. The queen then asks Guru Nanak for a charm that would help her captivate her king. Shiekh Farid records her request as:

What is that word, what is that virtue, and what is that magic spell?

What are those clothes, which I can wear to captivate my spouse?

The Guru calls the king too, and addresses both king and queen:

The word is Humility, the Virtue is forgiveness, and the Spell is sweet speech.Wear these three robes, O seeker, and you will captivate your Beloved Lord.

The answer of course encompassed not just the spouse in our worldly journey, but also addressed the search for God. However, if spouses can heed this marital advice, they can lay a foundation of a biding relationships.


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