It is not only those who knew people now dead who are able to see their spirits. Even living people who never knew them can see spirits of dead people. For example, a bus accident took place one evening more than fifteen years ago on a hill road beyond Dehra Dun on December 22 and now every year, on 22 December, motorists on  that hill road are stopped by injured passengers beseeching them to inform the police chowki just about 2 kilometres away that their bus has met with an accident. But when the police arrive there is no one there.

This has been occurring for so long that most years, old timers at the police chowki are aware that this is a ghostly happening, but they have to check nevertheless. The point to note here is that this was a sudden but “natural” accident — there was no element of enmity or revenge involved — and yet the “anniversary”, the recreation of the accident takes place regularly — same passengers, same place, same date, same evening time. You can imagine how much stronger the recreation will be when powerful and negative emotions were present at the time of death or preceding it.

In cases of enmity,  revenge or obtaining justice, when all those involved die at the same  time or soon after — like the man who wiped out a five member family and then shot himself  immediately afterwards at the very same blood spattered spot — the loss of their physical bodies does not always end the matter. In their spirit form too, they often pursue each other and try to gain their revenge or objective — they are so strongly driven by their emotions.  I know of the case of two criminals who killed each other but their enmity did not end with death  and ultimately they were “banned” from the spirit world and remained earth bound for a few months before we released their spirits permanently from earthly bondage.

Another important point to remember is that when “anniversaries” or replays or recreations take place,  the dissatisfied spirits, atmas  of the people who were originally part of the tragedy or whatever are often very much there. When two spirits are involved, and the one still seeking justice is much weaker than the other, “anniversaries” or replays or recreations of that event are often used by the weaker spirit to level out scores. There was a case where a “replay” of a six year old incident was taking place in which a man had stabbed a woman to death. We were on the spot in an effort to release the two spirits. The man got diverted by us, and the spirit of the woman used that opportunity to pick up the same “ghostly” knife and stab the man’s spirit. We didn’t have to do anything further because they both vanished, but we performed other rituals and ‘shaanti’ path for a period of time to ensure permanent release for them.

It should be noted that “anniversaries” or repeats or replays usually take place on a yearly basis, i.e. on the date of the occurrence when the magnitude of the event is at its most intense.

It has been seen repeatedly that intense happenings, especially those that involve violence, anger, suffering, sadness or intense unfulfilled wishes always leave a mark and don’t end with the deaths of the person or persons concerned. Because these events and the emotions were so strong when they were alive, such people are unable to travel beyond to the astral world and remain either earth bound or in that unhappy spirit world that exists just above earth.

The mark that has been created on the canvas of time, on the environment and the place where deaths or a death took place is very difficult to erase. This is what gives rise to “spirit anniversaries” or repeats where the exact sequence of events which took place at the terrible time of death are “replayed” or recreated before the eyes of living people who may happen to be in that area at that time or spot even years later.

It should be noted that “anniversaries” or repeats or replays usually take place on a yearly basis, i.e. on the date of the occurrence when the magnitude of the event is at its most intense. But they have also been known to take place on a weekly, fortnightly or monthly basis. Vinita was a small girl who was run over in 1997 on the road just outside her gate trying to save an animal. And at least twice a week, some shaken driver would enter the gate and ring the bell at Vinita’s home, wanting to make a phone call — mobiles were  not in vogue then — because he had just run over a little girl who was now entangled under the front bumper of the car. On returning to the road, he would find to his utter amazement that there was no little girl, that the accident with the little girl had happened years ago. Ultimately, unable to come to terms with these ghostly reminders, Vinita’s family moved elsewhere and no one was left to observe whether the  ghostly encounters continued or stopped after the family left.

In another case, two lovers from a village, Vidya and Kadam, who belonged to   different castes, planned to run away. But village elders got wind of the plan, and lay in wait for them.   The moment they saw them  on the path, they attacked the helpless Vidya, heedless of Kadam’s distraught cries and attempts to stop the terrible massacre — it was said Vidya was  butchered into 48 pieces. This happened many years ago, and Kadam is now a broken, demented, very old man. But the incident has not been forgotten. How can it be forgotten, when at dusk during the dark fortnights, people passing through the woods can hear the tinkling of  bangles and anklets, snatches of happy laughter followed by the swishing of knives and agonising screams ?  Only the very brave or those who do not know dare to take the path through the woods, especially after dusk or on days when there is no moon.

If you get involved in such tragic replays or know of them, what should be done ? Try and get help from a paranormal expert or competent priest, guru or someone else who has sufficient knowledge to release the spirits from their terrible bondage. If that is not possible, you can try burning  aromatic  substances daily and chanting mantras, though it is better to leave or avoid such a place till such time as permanent shudhi can be done.

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