What if people begin telling you they have seen you at a particular place when you know you were not there? No, they may not be imagining things. There are real chances that a tantric or black magic practitioner has created your spirit “double” as part of some nefarious, evil design. Usually, the culmination of such designs is a “fight” between good and evil spirits. How come? Just as there are good and bad or evil humans in the world, so it is in life after death — there are both good and evil spirits. Normally, each one of us is protected by two good spirit ‘guides’ who are assigned to us for our lifetime. A Sufi baba I met told me that there are two invisible farishtas sitting on our shoulders — one on each shoulder. The farishta on our right shoulder promptly records all our good deeds. The farishta on our left shoulder records all our bad deeds.

However, he doesn’t make immediate note of our bad deeds. He gives us time to repent or recognise that we have done something wrong. It is only when we are found wanting that a note is made of the bad deed. In the final reckoning in the hereafter, a tally of good and bad deeds is placed before a departed soul as a flashback of one’s life on earth and justice or retribution follows. In addition to the Sufi baba, several people who have died and come back to life have narrated the same sequence.  

Most people cannot see their spirit guides, but these spirit guides always try and protect us from harm and try to influence our thoughts and communicate with us through our subconscious or through dreams and sometimes in more “solid” ways like saving us in an accident. At the Sangam in Allahabad, during the Kumbha Mela, I lost my footing on some thirty five or so very slippery steps leading down to the ghat from the army area and my companions shouted in dismay.

But my fall was suddenly cushioned by two unseen arms which then gently made me stand on my feet. Everyone was amazed and so was I, because if those unseen arms hadn’t held me, I would surely have sustained severe injuries from the fall. There are many such incidents which have happened to me time and again — and have happened to many other people I know. So good spirits always try and protect us, and that includes protecting us from evil spirits as well. The only problem is, we often ignore their warnings or can’t understand what they are trying to tell us because we are too absorbed with ourselves.

Apart from these two spirit guides who are attached to us, we are also protected by the souls of our relatives, departed friends, and other divine shaktis. On the other hand, bad or evil spirits try to harm us, sometimes on their own, sometimes under the control of tantrics or black magic — kaala jadu — practitioners. In advanced forms of kaala jadu, spirits are often used in many different ways to control or bring harm to or actually harm “victims”. One of these ways is to create a twin spirit or spirit double who looks exactly like the targeted “victim”. This twin spirit or double spirit can often be seen both by the targeted “victim” and by others and can carry out physical acts as well with the purpose of disorienting the intended “victim” and creating confusion about the victim in other people’s mind as well. 

Most people cannot see their spirit guides, but these spirit guides always try and protect us from harm and try to influence our thoughts and communicate with us through our subconscious.

Tantrics/kaala jaadu practitioners generally use one of three methods to bring spirits under their control, which includes changing their form to create a “double”: one, by striking a bargain with them; two, by using a combination of tantra, mantras and siddhis to control a spirit/and or change its form; three, by undertaking intense sadhana of a tamsic shakti and obtaining a siddhi to control spirits as a boon.

Changing the form of spirits and changing their own human form as well into that of a spirit or animal or another human is quite common in the mountains of Western Uttarakhand, particularly in villages in the stretch which is known as Jaunsar Bawar and lies roughly between Kalsi near Mussoorie and the beautiful valley of Har Ki Doon, close to the Indo-China border. In 2009, in this area in a village beyond Purola on the way to Yamunotri, a man who ran a roadside dhaba which was doing very well because all buses carrying pilgrims and tourists stopped at it, died after a rock fell on him. A worker from his dhaba who was walking behind him, got an idea.

He pushed the dead dhaba owner into the fledgling Yamuna river, then contacted a  local bhagat well versed in black magic and struck a deal. The bhagat created a spirit “double” of the dead man and for two or three months this spirit “double” was often present at the dhaba. Nobody suspected anything and the dhaba profits were  split between the dhaba worker and the bhagat. Then the dead man’s family which lived in an interior village became suspicious because the real spirit of the dead man kept appearing in their dreams and telling them he was dead and very troubled. They consulted the village priest, the entire fraud came to light and the village panchayat penalised the bhagat who had created the spirit double.

What should you do if you feel you are seeing your “double”, if the “double” starts creating problems for you or other people begin telling you they have seen you somewhere when you know you were not there? Somebody who has sufficient knowledge of the supernatural can be helped by other good spirits and a strong resolve to fight back. For most people, wearing a taveez or kavach made by an evolved soul always help. So does invoking the help of good spirits and other shaktis. Chanting mantras is also a great help. And two more things which are very important: one, don’t be afraid — fight your fear even if you are afraid. Two, if the problem persists, lose no time in contacting a priest, or bhagat or a guru or a paranormal expert.

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