It is easy to trust God when things are well, but what happens when trouble arises? In the Bible we see that David’s confidence in God didn’t waver when he was attacked by an arrogant and evil enemy. How did David radiate such confidence?
The answer is simple;  David stood in the presence of God. Abiding in this high tower of refuge enabled him to challenge the abuse of those who thought they are mighty. With boldness he demanded to know why the mighty man boasted of evil all day long, knowing that he is a disgrace in the eyes of God (Ps. 52:1).

A life of blessing is not attained by practicing evil, but by trusting God. David had witnessed this in his life. He viewed his life akin to an olive tree prospering in God’s house. Nothing could shake David’s faith in God’s everlasting love.

He was devoted to praising God for all He had done. His hope was fixed in the name of God
for it is good. David desired to raise his voice in the presence of God’s  saints and offer praise to Him (Ps. 52:8-9).

David knew his prosperity was endowed by God. A tree can’t get up and move closer to a water source; it must depend on the gardener or a nearby water source to provide for its needs. When planted in the right spot, the tree sends its root deep into the life-giving resources of the streams. The grace of God is freely available to all, as revealed in the life and work of Jesus Christ.

It is possible for us, as well, to flourish in the house of God. We can come alive and be fruitful only by establishing strong roots in the revitalizing source of God’s unfailing love. The sacrificial love of God, revealed in the life of Jesus Christ, can give us security when we face inevitable challenges.  Are you secure in the love of God?

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