The world is brimming with jubilation because God is in the world. He is not far off, in the world beyond. Through the Spirit of life, He is already present in this world of the living. All creations gleefully shout out, proclaiming God’s presence in the world.

All created beings extol and praise God when they rejoice before God in their existence, enjoy life in God, and express their joy. The Bible says, “All your works give thanks to you, O Lord” (Ps. 145:10), and “The heavens are telling the glory of God” (Ps.19:1). Living beings do not merely desire to survive, and reproduce themselves, but also to exuberantly present themselves and parade their riches, as a token of freedom. 

All creation expresses its gratitude to God for creating space for the world to exist as a dependent reality upon Him. 

Inherent in rejoicing over creation is glorification of its Creator. God’s joy too is reflected in the song of nature. Creation joins to express the glory of God. Nature reflects God’s beauty. But we lack eyes to see it; we are blind.

Ultimately, the coming of Jesus Christ into this world causes us to extol His love for us. Jesus restored us to relationship with God, leading us also to burst out in praise for God. The joy of being in relationship with God leads us to live wholeheartedly and lovingly. The proof of a Spirit filled life is manifested in “Speaking to one another with psalms, hymns, and songs from the Spirit.” And when you “sing and make music from your heart to the Lord” (Eph.5:19).

There would be no fear of death if there was no joy in life, and there would be no groaning in the world if there was no love for life. Jesus, gives us hope and joy of resurrection beyond the grave. The world is full of jubilation, let us join in!

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