The Creator has made human beings as a pair—as man and woman. The two are counterparts to each other. By leading a married life, they fulfil God’s Creation Plan. In this Creation Plan, wife and husband are like cogs for each other that work in tandem to make their life’s journey a successful one. In this way, they complement each other.

This fact is expressed in the Quran in these words: “Another of His signs is that He created for you from among yourselves spouses, so that you might find repose in them, and He created between you affection and kindness.” (30:21)This verse of the Quran tells us that woman and man are a source of peace of mind to each other. God has placed love for each other in their hearts so that the journey of their life together can be spent through beautiful and loving companionship. Initially, men and women obtain this peace of mind through becoming each other’s life partner. But at a higher level, this peace of mind is obtained at the intellectual level. Husband and wife acquire this peace of mind if and when they become intellectual partners to each other, when they continuously exchange with each other at the intellectual level.If you rub two stones together, it will set off a spark. This phenomenon reveals a law of nature—and that is, that when two things come into contact, a third thing emerges. This is what happens when a man and a woman marry. The Creator wants a husband and a wife to live together continuously and to exchange with each other their experiences and reflections on the realities of life. There should be a continuous process of mutual learning. In this way, married life presents both husband and wife a golden opportunity to obtain an intellectual partner for themselves and to help each other to become intellectually more developed people.