No Dimple-Priyanka Joint Show

Even before the SP-Congress alliance was sealed, there were posters in Allahabad depicting both Dimple Yadav and Priyanka Gandhi. But despite that promise, the two have not made any joint appearance, nor are likely to. There are two reasons for this. One is that the SP’s plan to have Jaya Bachchan campaigning along with Dimple has not won any kudos in the Congress camp. The second is that the Congress is a bit worried about Ramgopal Yadav’s comments claiming that Akhilesh has the makings of a Prime Minister. Which is now making the Congress wonder about Rahul’s grand plan for a 2019 alliance — will this alliance have Akhlesh supporting RaGa as PM or the other way round? When asked by NewsX, Akhilesh had laughed away the suggestion of having prime ministerial ambitions, stating that he was happy in Lucknow. He even claimed that if people leave Lucknow they don’t do so well in Delhi. Well, his father certainly didn’t fare so well, but what is to stop Akhilesh from trying?

Dimple’s Comeback Line

Dimple Yadav is certainly attracting crowds and headlines with her rallies during this round of Assembly elections. And she is not playing it coy either. When a journalist pointed out that in these elections she was certainly proving to be an asset to her husband, the Chief Minister, she shot back asking, “Was I a liability earlier?” Touché.

The Maya Men

The BSP is certainly bolstered by the crowds it is getting, giving it the impression that it could still be a player once the results come in. The big question then will be, will it look to ally with the Congress or the BJP? According to a senior BSP leader, the party has decided to go with the former and is looking to open channels of communication with the Congress leadership. Rahul Gandhi too has been keeping his options open, taking care not to attack Mayawati as much as he does the BJP. This is something that has been noted by the SP. Will there then be a realignment post polls? Well, it all depends on the way the numbers fall. But a desperate Congress is certainly keeping all options open.


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