Babri knocks out Advani, Joshi

The reopening of the Babri mosque case a day ahead of the last phase of the UP Assembly elections was a desperate attempt by the BJP to polarise the elections in Varanasi, as reports were that the party would lose three out of the five Assembly seats in the Prime Minister’s parliamentary constituency. The reopening would have also killed the ambitions of L.K. Advani and Murli Manohar Joshi to become President and Vice President of India. The case also goes against Uma Bharti, who is a strong contender for the post of UP Chief Minister. Meanwhile, if the buzz in the BJP is to be believed, then the Modi-Shah duo wants Bareilly MP Santosh Gangwar as the CM. He too meets the criterion of being an OBC. 

Amar triggered Sadhna outburst

The sudden outburst by Akhilesh Yadav’s stepmother Sadhana Gupta, that she would not be silenced, a day before the last phase of polling, is said to have been triggered by Amar Singh.

Digvijaya may be sent to MP

Will Congress general secretary Digvijaya Singh be packed off to Madhya Pradesh? A.K. Singh, a Rajput leader of the Congress has alleged that it is because of Digvijaya Singh that the Rajputs are deserting the party. Many other Congress leaders are also blaming Digvijaya Singh for the mess in Madhya Pradesh. While Digvijaya has refused to go back to Bhopal, apparently because others should get a chance now, many believe that it is only Singh who can clean the mess in Madhya Pradesh because it is of his making. Digvijaya Singh was kept out of the election campaign in UP because he has the habit of shooting off his mouth, resulting in polarisation.

Khurshid gets duped

Erstwhile External Affairs Minister Salman Khurshid of the Congress, got duped while trying to buy Maltese puppies online. Khurshid and his wife love animals and their house resembles a zoo, as it is populated with all sorts of animals, from hens to Siamese cats. Khurshid saw an advertisement by one Tommy Wallace on an e-commerce portal wanting to sell a pair of Maltese puppies for Rs 12,000 each. Khurshid wanted to buy both and got in touch with Wallace. Wallace was told to speak to his office boy Sachin Kumar, who transferred the money to the account of Ankit Kumar, apparently a friend of Tommy Wallace. After the money was transferred, it became difficult to contact Wallace. It was then that Khurshid realised that he had been duped. He then lodged a complaint with the Crime Branch of the Delhi Police. 

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