We acquire various kinds of wounds on life’s journey. It is painful just to think about them. Traumatic memories, living with a disability, dark clouds of depression, damaged emotions, disease, chronic pain, life regrets, and a nagging sense of failure are just a few! The scope of all this pain is overwhelming. The following are some recognized examples.

We start with bondages. When we deliberately choose to engage in wayward moral acts, we may be startled to discover that our sins are addictive and we cannot break free from such behavior patterns, even when we try. We are slaves to habits that we have actually grown to hate. Addiction to drugs is just one example of this. It is also true of pornography, gambling, lying and other unhealthy behaviour patterns that we get hooked on.

Then there are our fears. Wounds inflicted upon us, especially during our childhood, or by those closest to us, leave lasting psychological scars. These things can make us anxious and unsettled, never quite at peace — always agitated about something. Sometimes they keep us from taking the risk of opening ourselves to love and be loved.

Self-loathing is another common kind of wound. There is a price to be paid for wilful sinning and going against the inner voice of conscience. (Rom. 2:15). This can contribute to strong feelings of shame and inadequacy, so that we grow to hate ourselves. Our self-esteem plunges down, and we lose the confidence to step out on adventures with God.

We are like the man in Jesus’ parable who went down to Jericho, was assaulted by thieves and left for dead, beaten and bloodied on the roadside. We too need a Good Samaritan to come by and take note of us (Luke 10: 25-37). Bring your wounds to Jesus our Creator, Redeemer and Friend,  and to people who care.

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