Time and again after I first wrote about it many people continue to ask a now familiar question: what happens in the case of sudden or violent death or a mixture of both? In fact perhaps because there has been a marked rise in violence, recent years have seen an increasing number of people seeking answers to this question. Sometimes it is a quick death. At other times, even though sudden, it is a lingering death, for example, when torture is involved. In such cases, each soul undergoes a similar experience in terms of transition but a very different, individualistic one in terms of feelings and intensity. Such deaths can be broadly divided into categories.

For instance, there are those who die in an accident. There are those who die in war or in gang wars. There are those who die unexpectedly as a result of floods, tsunamis, earthquakes, etc. There are those who are murdered, sometimes by a known assailant or assailants, sometimes by unknown people. There are those who are executed, by the government or these days, by terrorists, abductors, as part of a vendetta, etc. There are those who commit suicide and there are those who immolate themselves for a public cause or because they have been denied justice in some way by the authorities.

In recent times a new category has been added to the list of categories — that of terrorists. Terrorists killed while on suicidal missions. Terrorists killed by drones. High profile terrorists like Osama Bin Laden killed in meticulously planned hush-hush missions. Generally, they are young, willing to die for a cause and as such death holds no fear for them. But they are also full of hate against an ‘enemy’ and their death is, from their point of view, worthwhile only if they can kill as many people as possible while ‘sacrificing’ their own lives.

Who can forget 11 September, the 26/11 Mumbai attacks and many other terrorist acts elsewhere in the world at an individual level like beheadings and at a public level like bomb blasts in crowded places and public transport systems? What happens to the hate filled souls of those who have engineered death for others, mostly innocents, by spending considerable time and money on “precision” planning? A peaceful exit of the soul, the most ideal way of leaving the body, is a far cry in their cases.

As on earth, so in the astral world, spirit guides are having a tough time controlling terrorists’ souls. For one thing, there is no remorse at the death and destruction they have wreaked. On the contrary, there is exultation and this makes them determined not to leave the environs of earth. In any case, through their terrorist activities they have condemned themselves to a difficult life after death as their soul force has been weakened. Yet like evil spirits, many of them soon realise that they have power even in their disembodied, ghostly state and attempt to control the minds of those who are still living and who they can still use for their vile ends.

Sometimes, they pass on information they have gathered in their spirit state to their colleagues who are still alive. Sometimes, they zero in on the impressionable minds of people they knew when alive and succeed in implanting certain ideas. I know of a couple of cases where suddenly the person concerned has woken up one morning and declared that so and so appeared to him in a dream and from now on, he would not rest till he too achieved “martyrdom” through a so called terrorist act since that was the only way of ensuring justice. 

 “Loving energy is our main guiding tool but this becomes almost useless as we are dealing with the negative emanations from a terrorist’s soul.”

Erasing such damaging ideas is actually the toughest part for the spirit guides, tougher than prising away terrorists’ souls from the earth’s environs and sending them into astral orbit where it would be easier to handle them. Actually, both these factors are vital and yet interlinked as they are, they form a very dangerous, vicious circle. “The moment we learn a terrorist’s ghost has penetrated a living person’s mind, we try and intercede by sending other confusing, demotivating messages to the targeted person but this is not easy for us largely because our sphere of action consists primarily of ensuring as smooth a transition as possible firstly for the soul while it is leaving the body and then making the journey easier to the astral world.  “Loving energy is our main guiding tool but this becomes almost useless as we are dealing with the negative emanations from a terrorist’s soul. That’s partly because when a terrorist dies , other earth bound terrorists souls are waiting to receive it and our loving energy flow which usually attracts a soul like a beacon is often blunted  by the strong, very intense links between terrorists. It is crucial to ensure that a terrorist’s soul or ghost doesn’t remain earth bound for too long otherwise it tends to feed on happenings on earth and that reinforces the hatred embedded in their psyche. They are in need of treatment, and that treatment can best be given only in the astral world where their links with earth and their past life will gradually be weakened.

“As long as they are earth bound they represent a very real danger to others. It also means we have to divide our energies between acting as a shield against their influences on other living beings and on trying to get them to move on to the astral world where other helpers will take care of them in special ways which will ensure that eventually the power of love flows through them.Is there anything that we on earth can do to hasten the terrorists journey to the astral world? “Love and forgiveness are all conquering forces. Instead of allowing revulsion to poison your own minds, be compassionate to them after death. They need your compassion because they have violated the principles of goodness. Higher forces will take care of the “payment” they must make to atone for taking lives.

“Remember they were misguided, because in their minds they usually did what they did in their lives out of misplaced fervour. Pray for their souls to be released from the bondage of hatred and earthly ties”, reply the spirit guides. That’s easier said and heard than done, especially for the loved ones of those who have lost their lives in senseless terrorist strikes, but then the power of prayers is immense.

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