Saint Kabir has left Kashi for some time. Mata Loi, his wife, and fellow traveler on the spiritual path, is at home. A person arrives, and asks to meet the Saint. From his dress, he appears to be a rich person, but is clearly sick in body. Mata Loi informs him that Saint Kabir is away, and perhaps she could help him instead.

The visitor says that he has been unwell for a long time, and wants Saint Kabir to cure him. “Just wait,” said Loi, “I will give you medicine.” The visitor tells her that he has already been to the best doctors in the area, but no medicine worked, and only saint Kabir can help him now. “Then ready your container for the medicine I am about to give you, for it will surely heal,” said Loi.

His Word was her medicine, and it will need the container of faith, she said, and if it is shaky, the medicine will leak out. The visitor said he has reached Kabir’s door with complete faith. And Mata Loi asks him to repeat His Word after her, and she does this twice, and the visitor is healed.

In the meantime, Saint Kabir had returned, and quietly watched the events. He goes to Mata Loi, and says:

Apply ceremonial marks to their foreheads, hold malas in their hands, and wear religious robes.

Some people think that the Lord is a toy! 

 “Is the Lord a toy? His word has to be said twice to rid a body of some disease?” he asks.

 “As the visitor came in, I saw his past, and I saw the seeds of his disease,” said Mata Loi. She had seen the anger, the greed, and the lies and the treachery in the visitor’s past. 

“I used His Word to cure the disease,” she smiled, “once, to cleanse him of the past unhealthy baggage, and again, to ensure he will not collect it in the future. He will never be sick again.”

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