Tell us something about keeping in touch with spirits and the other world is a frequent request from a surprisingly large cross section of people. Well, keeping in touch with spirits has so many dimensions and the other world is so amazing, it would take endless pages to write about them and endless hours to talk about them. But it’s important to point out that while some spirits like keeping in touch, others do not, and it is not for us to force our preferences or compulsions on them. In other words, it is not a good idea to try and call spirits and one must do so only if there is an emergency of some sort.

Even after contact has been established, it is for the spirit to decide whether to continue with earthly links. It is not an easy journey and is often painful for spirits who are trying to put their earthly existence behind them and begin a new life after death. If a loved one’s spirit wants to get in touch with you, my experience is that the departed soul usually finds a way of doing so, and that way is much more suited to the dead person’s state than something we may choose. If you must make contact, do so through a person who has healthy, loving links with spirits.

Passing over to the other world is a complex but highly systemised, fascinating process. Just as we have doctors on earth for different ailments, there are, along with departed relatives and friends, helpers on the other side for particular kinds of deaths. Time frames also seem to apply, and if you’re not able to pass through the mystical tunnel between the world of the living and the spirit world soon after death, the passage becomes more difficult and complicated. Often, people who die are stuck in fear, disorientation and loss of energy and cannot enter or pass through the mystical tunnel which connects our world to the spirit world.

A person with specialised experience of helping in the transition from life to death and an afterlife has written that “….shortly after dying some people become stuck in situations of their own making.  If they get stuck it can be very difficult to reach them, not unlike trying to awaken them into a lucid dream as a character in their dream. Methods have to be worked out to fit them into that dream in a way that is completely acceptable to the person ‘passing’ over. For example, there are sometimes angels or other figures to fit into the religious beliefs of the person who has died. Often, a person is completely  unaware of the fact that he or she is `dead’ and they look forward to telling others about this dream in which they saw an angel or other figure who had come to receive them…..”

But while this may apply to people who have died suddenly or even died in a normal way, what happens to those who commit suicide or opt for euthanasia, i.e. have been conscious of the fact that death was up close? They too have to pass through the mystical tunnel, but in a majority of cases, they are unable to do so without special help and this help is not always able to pull them through the tunnel. This applies especially to unhappy suicides and those who have died a violent death, which is why a large number of houses which are haunted usually have a violent history.

There is a house very close to my own home where somebody committed suicide more than forty five years ago. And till today the “presence” is palpable and no amount of prayers or exorcism rituals have been able to rid the place of the person’s spirit. The current occupants of this haunted house put it down partly to the fact that the dead person’s family took little interest in post-death rituals and performed just the bare cremation.

Even accident victims find it difficult to make the transition from this world to the next and have to be helped by specially trained spirit helpers and special prayers in this world. And that’s largely because they’re not able to successfully negotiate the mystical tunnel . Does all this mean, then, that the mystical tunnel is the only link between the world of the living and the world of the dead?

By all accounts, it would seem so, though there have been a few accounts of crossing a stream as well, but that seems to happen after passing through the tunnel. And it seems to be equally certain that passing through this tunnel requires an intense amount of energy, which is probably why almost all religions prescribe the recitation of prayers or mantras with their powerful energy to be recited at the bedside of those who are dying and for a specified period after death, the period when it is believed the soul is still journeying to its new destination.

It is also believed that those who have “evolved” souls and greater magnetic energy in their personalities find the crossing over easier than less evolved or weaker persons, partly because the former possess higher “soul force” and consciousness levels which allow them to travel through the tunnel with relatively few problems. The state in which you are dying is obviously a vital factor and energy levels seem to be crucial for a smooth transition.

A strong “soul force” also helps once the transition has been made. There are many spirits who have crossed over to the other world and been there for a long time, but are bogged down due to their inability to break away from life-on-earth patterns. There was this rich seth (rich man) who died. On earth, because of the large amounts he had donated to charities and religious institutions and because he had been such a rich and powerful man, people had always sought him out and conferred honours.

In the other world, he was not treated in any special way. His soul apparently had remained “unevolved”. His donations and other charitable acts on earth had been partly due to vanity and partly as a smoke screen for his sources of earning. He had used blackmail and unfair means and ruined several innocent families in his rise to the top. Even after death, the seth wanted attention and couldn’t understand why he was not recognised in the manner to which he was used. He has thus blocked his own progress, because in this world as well as the other world, change has to come from within, good acts have to come from the heart rather than a desire to be “seen as good”.


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