A new beginning is a new Era. A fresh outlook on life, new ways of living, a change in attitudes, goals and the means of  achieving them, will refresh your life.

A qualitative change in thoughts will bring about a qualitative change in the pursuits of life. Same old ways will get the same old life Only material pursuits in life will get the same results.

If this has failed to make you happy till now, how can it bring happiness in future? If the competitive world says “kill or get killed”, how many will you kill? They are also waiting to kill, what kind of a life is this?

The scriptures advise a sea-change in thoughts (Sahaj Sundaram), a returning to your true and natural, beautiful self which is (Anand Swaroopam) of the nature of infinite bliss. Not only bliss, but it is (Shubham Mudam)  Joyous and auspicious. Make your life beautiful, here and now. Swami Chinmayananada used to say that always remember a mantra “even this will pass”.

“One has to discared mentally 1) (Vyadhi) disease of the body 2) (Aadhi)Mental disturbances, problems and worries and 3) (Upadhi) conditionings, “No matter how great , these conditionings are but chains that bind. Only when one disciplines one’s mind to mentally drop all the three can you enter the 4) (Samadhi).  Equipoise and total tranquility can only be achieved by mentally letting go of the first three.

They belong to the world of change. Know the (sat, chit, ananda) the permanent blissful self as your own true nature. No other knowledge has the power to deliver you from the sorrows and worries of the world. Efforts to gain happiness from pain ridden materialism is wasted effort. Know the knower not the known.

Prarthna Saran, President Chinmaya Mission New Delhi.

Email: prarthnasaran@gmail.com

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