Annalena Baerbock belongs to the Green Party, which means that at least in Germany, the Greens have metamorphosed into a party of “war and prejudice”. Together with EU President Ursula von der Leyen, the Foreign Minister of the ruling coalition in Germany has been loud in beating the drums of war against Russia. Both von der Leyen and the Foreign Minister appear to have a substantial hold over Chancellor Olaf Scholz, for he has reversed decades of policy by his Social Democratic Party and aligned his government firmly with countries that have since 1992 been seeking to make use of Ukraine to harry Russia. In the past, Greens used to be opposed to war, but in Ms Baerbock, the party and the movement it claims to champion has become among the leading boosters of the NATO policy of filling Ukraine with as many weapons as can be sent from across its frontiers to the west. The almost daily diet of shootings in the US reveal the consequences of having a country awash with guns, and where an 18-year old is legally entitled to purchase an assault rifle that has the capability of snuffing out a hundred lives in as many seconds. Ms Baerbock is among the present crop of leaders of NATO who have followed a policy of stuffing Ukraine with weapons, so much so that from the start of the war launched by Russia on Ukraine in February, any Ukrainian who asked was provided with a gun and ammunition. It seems to be going unnoticed that much of such “humanitarian assistance” from countries within NATO are quietly being resold to individuals who are congregating in Ukraine for the purpose of snapping up such weapons as hand-carried anti-aircraft systems and advanced assault guns for uses that they appear reluctant to reveal, but which is very likely to include action in parts of Europe itself, given the multiplying presence of modules in some countries there of extremists who at present are camouflaging their intentions much as the 9/11 hijackers did until it was too late. Given her relative youth, the otherwise charming and well-read Foreign Minister of Germany is likely to still be playing a significant role in European politics when such blowback occurs through the NATO policy of flooding Ukraine with weapons, the end-use of which is indeterminate. Just as Bill Clinton evaded responsibility for the installation of the Taliban regime in Afghanistan in 1996, so will Ms Baerbock when the fireworks erupt courtesy some of those who are buying weapons from those Ukrainians more interested in money than in the interests of their country. A breed that exists in every country, and which gets empowered in an atmosphere of violence and chaos, as is unfortunately the situation in a country that is becoming collateral damage in the conflict that has been going on since 2014 between some of the Atlanticist powers and the Russian Federation under Vladimir V. Putin.
Foreign Minister Baerbock chose Pakistan as the first country that she wished to visit in her present capacity, mercifully sparing India another round of homilies from both sides of the Atlantic. In her joint press conference with Bilawal Bhutto, who from a young age clearly would be much more at home in London or New York rather than in Karachi or Islamabad, Foreign Minister Baerbock spoke with firmness of the need to ensure protection for minorities even as she pleased the army generals in Rawalpindi by her frequent references to Kashmir. Not the whole of Kashmir, only the part that remained in the control of India. Officials at the Auswärtiges Amt seem not to have briefed Ms Baerbock about the manner in which minorities have disappeared in Pakistan, including Christians. Whether it be Baerbock, Blinken or other foreign ministers in the Atlantic Alliance, they appear unconcerned about the treatment meted out to those belonging to non-Abrahamic faiths, concentrating their attention only on the (sometimes imaginary) treatment meted out to those belonging to the Abrahamic faiths. There was not a word from the German minister about the treatment given to not just minorities in Pakistan, but those outside the charmed ethnic circle of the Pakistan military, such as Sindhis, Baloch and Pashtuns. Nor of the fact that that part of the former princely state of Jammu & Kashmir that had acceded to India in 1947 has been cleansed of Kashmiri-speaking inhabitants and been resettled with migrants from west Punjab. Or that the inhabitants of Pakistan-occupied Kashmir have no say in their own government. Nor indeed that the minorities in the Kashmir Valley (within the part liberated by the Indian Army in 1947) have all but disappeared through ethnic cleansing in the most horrible manner. Or that the religious rights of Christians, not to mention Hindus, Buddhists and Sikhs, in Pakistan have been transgressed in a manner visible to all except Annalena Baerbock. The Gernan minister’s silence on such matters is cut from the same verbal cloth as that worn by other politicians in the Atlantic alliance, who have assumed a deaf, dumb and blind posture towards the egregious human rights violations being committed in the military-ruled state of Pakistan.