A wealthy man is not necessarily a rich man.These are two different things. If your life is full of wants you are a poor man . You could be rich in skills ,capabilities , love and contentment, rich in happiness, rich in compassion, but greed creates a need and need creates a poor man! He who gives wealth and love with abandonment is an HNI not the one who stacks millions in a narrow heart.
Fat bank balances and one more house, bigger than my neighbours , does not declare you an HNI, but what really does, is the greatness of your benevolent impact on your fellow beings .Hinduism venerates the saviours of society from hunger,thirst and want. Arjun, the generator of wealth was decorated with the title of ‘Dhananjaya’. Greed ensures a poverty and creates a beggar out of a bank designated HNI ,therefore it is deplored.
Wise investments create assets, hoarding creates liabilities .A hoarder neither uses wealth nor benefits society, it remains only a figure in the banker’s books! Hinduism alone has a goddess of wealth, Lakshmi. She is the bestower of true riches,and her devotee must do the same to gain her grace. Kuber, in Hinduism is a hoarder and therefore never worshipped. He is depicted as an ugly man with a huge pot belly depicting greed..
Chanakya said, “There is no word which is not a mantra, no root which is not medicinal and no person who is useless.” He alone is rich who can discover them and tap them. Potentiality is the asset in anything, multiply it, nurture it, but the moment you hunger for anything ,be it fame ,recognition or calculate material gains , you have already created a mental poverty. When your motives are pure and noble your mental zones register you as a true HNI.
Prarthna Saran, President Chinmaya Mission Delhi.

Email: prarthnasaran@gmail.com